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4 reasons why visiting this lesser-known Caribbean destination is all the rage right now


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The Caribbean is inarguably America’s number one vacation spot, but it can be argued that it remains largely unexplored. While destinations like Cancun and Punta Cana are teeming with visitors, other lesser-known sunny spots continue to slip under the radar of most travelers.

That is the case of the British Virgin Islands (BVI)an autonomous archipelago supervised by the United Kingdom and a direct neighbor of Puerto Rico to the East.

An up-and-coming destination, the British Virgin Islands are trends among sun worshipers right now.

woman scuba diving in the british virgin islands

Are here 4 reasons why you should miss out on the mighty Cancun-Punta Cana duo this year and be among the first to explore this British dependency:

feels more exclusive

Whether you stay on the most populous and well-appointed island or any of the more remote islet paradises that surround it, you’ll find long stretches of virtually deserted white-sand beaches glistening against turquoise waters and gorgeous palm trees. lined walks.

The British Virgin Islands are home to, on average, 83,000 tourists each year.

If you’re looking to fully unwind away from the tourist hordes that flock to Mexico’s gentrifying mega-resorts, then the British Virgin Islands will definitely feel a lot more exclusive.

According to 2019 estimates, the islands have a population of about 30,000 British subjects, and due to their relatively compact sizes (the main island, Tortola, is only 12 miles long), their capacity is reduced. In other words, expect less crowds.

Vacant hammock in the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean Region

One of a handful of five-star listings on booking.comthe Sugar Mill Hotel has deluxe ocean view double rooms starting at US$399.

Still, within the US$400-US$500 price range, the long bay beach resort7 km from Road Town, Tortola’s main settlement, offers overnight stays from US$489, but if you’re on a tighter budget, you’ll find guesthouse stays. as cheap as US$81 per night In the city center.

tropical vibes

As a natural world destination, the British Virgin Islands boasts a unique biodiversity and truly pristine wilderness that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in the tourist-saturated subgroup.

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Stack of stones balanced on a sandy beach lapped by the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean in the British Virgin Islands

which comprises more than 50 islandsThe British Virgin Islands are famous for stunning coral reef-fringed beaches, scenic coastal roads, volcanic terrain, and pristine rainforests that serve as nature parks dotted with tourist trails and wildlife viewing areas.

It’s a place you go to disconnect from the madness of the modern world, putting you at the forefront of the ‘digital detox’ travel trend.

If lying on the warm sand all day while the Caribbean Sea caresses your feet in the bright tropical sun, without notifications, sounds like your idea of ​​fun, these off the beaten track islands are definitely the place to head.

Young woman snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea, British Virgin Islands

As tourism is not as prominent in the BVI as in its Caribbean counterparts, and the islanders enjoy a high level of social development due to their status under the British flag, you are extremely unlikely to be bothered by beach vendors either even face security issues.

Your only job is to kick back, relax, and enjoy the ocean vibes.

unique culture

The British Virgin Islands may primarily be a tourist destination, but it is also an incredibly underrated cultural site waiting to be discovered.

Annaberg Surgan Plantation in the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean Sea

Originally inhabited by Native Americans from the south of the continent, the islands were repopulated by Europeans after Christopher Columbus’s second excursion to the Americas in 1493, after which they were renamed the « British Virgin Islands. »

Over the centuries, the archipelago would fall under the control of several different empires, being administered by the English, Dutch, French, Danish and even Spanish, who fought against their Anglo-Saxon rivals in an attempt to assert the borders of their Empire in the new World.

Ultimately, the territory would return to British control when it became a major trading center associated with the sugar cane trade.

Road Town, capital of the island of Tortola and the largest settlement in the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean Sea

During this period, large numbers of enslaved Africans would be forcibly taken to the British Virgin Islands to work in the fields.

Today, the multi-ethnic population of the archipelago reflects centuries and centuries of racial diversity and intermarriagealthough Afro-Caribbean descendants continue to form a most. However, all islands are British citizens.

For those interested in the complex history of the British Virgin Islands, especially tourists looking to add some culture to their sunny break, there are four main museums on Tortola where they can learn more:

  • HM Prison Museumthe oldest building on the island, it was established in 1794
  • The old government housethe official residence of the governor of the archipelago, originally built in 1899
  • The Lower Estate Sugar Plant of 1780a plantation formerly linked to slavery
  • The Folk Museumwhich tells the story of the native inhabitants of the islands, the Arawak and Carib peoples
Beautiful beach in Costa Rica (Caribbean Sea)

Direct flights

Finally, if you’re thinking the British Virgin Islands isn’t worth your time, being more remote than other resorts just a stone’s throw from home, you might want to reconsider upon learning that the first non-stop flight between the continental US and the territory has been released recently.

Offered by American Airlines, the inaugural three-hour voyage took place on June 1, linking Miami to the BVI’s main international airport on Beef Island.

Although it is not the capital or the most populous island, it is connected to Tortola via the iconic Queen Elizabeth Bridge, which spans the brilliant blue sea.

American Airlines plane on the runway

The daily flight will continue to operate until August 14pausing in the fall before restarting service in November.

Overall, the BVI management estimated that more than 2,100 monthly visitors would be transported to the archipelago during the active months.

Flights depart Miami at 10:07 a.m. and arrive at Beef Island at 1:06 p.m. Returning to the United States, passengers will take off at 1:47 p.m. and land in Miami at 4:25 p.m.

Additional flights have also been added on certain dates in June due to strong demand.

Woman with yellow sarong a deserted tropical beach, Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands

As fixed by BVI Premier Natalio Wheatley,’this is the first time in history that a flight is completely sold out in such a short time‘, and management thanks American Airlines for partnering with them to deliver this long-awaited service. ‘bring ease and accessibility’ to the ‘treasured’ destination.

Roundtrip flights from Miami starting at US$998 and US$503 from San Juan in Puerto Rico.

Low cost options are non-existentsince both the availability of seats and the capacity are lower, but this is a more exclusive destination where can you really enjoy the natural wonders of the Caribbean without fighting for a place in the sun amid angry crowds.

For some, that might be worth the extra hundred bucks.

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