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5 important things travelers should know about visiting Barcelona this summer


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Barcelona has it all, the beaches, the incredible buildings, the impressive art, the delicious restaurants and its fascinating local culture.

Although many consider Barcelona one of the destinations to avoid this summer due to over-tourism, some travelers are still willing to ignore the crowds and discover this fascinating city.

people on the beach of barcelona

In addition to the basic considerations when visiting Barcelona, ​​there are new updates and situations travelers should be aware of before visiting this summer.

I have been in Barcelona for more than a month and this is what I think travelers should know:

1) You can find very cheap train tickets

There are new low-cost high-speed trains operating in Spain, such as Iryo, Ouigo and Avlo, which offer tickets connecting to the main cities in the country at a very low price.

Are you traveling to Madrid and want to take a look at Barcelona? You can book a fast train from Madrid to Barcelona for around 20 dollars and get from one city to another in just two and a half hours!

Low cost Iryo train at Atocha station in Madrid

New, modern trains can take travelers exploring Barcelona for less than a plane ticket, in less driving time—from Madrid it can take up to 8 hours by bus—and in a more sustainable way.

There are also more opportunities to explore new destinations from Barcelona at the moment, including the brand. new international route Ave Barcelona-Lyon Starting services on July 13.

And, of course, the « secret » to get the cheapest train tickets is to book as soon as possible.

2) Fountains Shut Off Due to Drought

Travelers visiting Barcelona may not get to see the fascinating magic fountain of Montjuïc or the beautiful twin fountains of Plaza Catalunya, as they the fountains have been turned off to save water.

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Magic Fountain of Montjuic active during the day.  Barcelona, ​​Spain

And there are no light, music or water shows at the Magic Fountain scheduled. The city is going through a severe dry season and local authorities are rationing water use.

The same situation applies to multiple parks and squares in the city. The grass will not be as green as it usually is during the summer as irrigation systems have also been suspended or limited.

People and a man on a bicycle passing in front of a turned off fountain in Plaza Catalunya

3) Higher prices

In recent months, prices have skyrocketed, and although inflation rates decreased in Mayprices are still high —especially for clothes, so shopping in Barcelona this summer may be more expensive than in previous years.

Barcelona was recently considered among the cities with the highest cost of living in the world, and travelers will notice.

Tourists sitting outside at a sidewalk cafe in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

There are still affordable options, but most restaurants and shops will make most budget travelers suffer.

4) More events, parties, festivals and more tourists than in previous years

I recently asked a Spanish woman about her experience living in Barcelona right now, and she mentioned that one of the downsides for her was that she constantly had to deal with FOMO: « There are too many festivals, concerts, meetings, it’s frustrating because you can’t attend all of them. »

woman at a concert

For travelers, it could also mean more opportunities to create special and unique travel memories in this vibrant city.

The pandemic is over, and it shows. According to the local news website. The newspaperBarcelona hosts more face-to-face congresses this year and more tourists are expected as well.

And it’s already impressive; walking down La Rambla right now is like walking through a crowded music festival.

Crowd Of People In The City Center Of Barcelona On La Rambla.. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image.

5) You can travel to great and affordable destinations nearby

For those who want to avoid the crowds in Barcelona for a few days, there are also great options nearby.

Travelers can take advantage of new low cost flights, trains and buses from Barcelona which can be perfect for a day or weekend getaway.

boats in a canal

And there are so many options! Tourists can explore fascinating and enchanting medieval cities like Girona and enjoy Game of Thrones sightseeing, go to more secluded spots or admire the stunning coastal views and beaches of the Costa Brava.

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