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5 Popular Destinations the US State Department Says You Should Reconsider Traveling To


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When it comes to traveling the world, some destinations are more popular than others.

Beautiful beaches, picturesque views, and iconic attractions are high on the list of things the average traveler looks for on their next trip.

Unfortunately, even when a country offers all of these things, it is not always considered a safe place to visit. And the US State Department does not consider popularity when issuing its ads.

With this in mind, the United States Department of State has issued travel advisories for these 5 popular destinations:

5 Popular Destinations the US State Department Says You Should Reconsider Traveling To

They have been given a Level 3 « travel reconsideration » rating, which means the State Department recommends that travelers strongly consider canceling their travel plans and going elsewhere.

These are the 5 popular destinations affected:

Cartagena Colombia


Before the coronavirus pandemic, Guatemala was popular with American adventure travelers. The country is best known for its lush tropical forests, beaches, impressive Mayan ruins, and unique culture.

Despite its many incredible attractions, US citizens are advised to reconsider traveling to Guatemala due to the high incidence of crime.

There are also areas where American travelers are advised not to travel at all. These are the Department of San Marcos, Department of Huehuetenango and Zone 18, and Villa Nueva in Guatemala City.

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Guatemala Waterfalls National Park

If you decide to travel to Guatemala, the US Department of State offers some safety tips you can follow.

These include using certified tour providers and traveling between lakeside villages by chartered boat when visiting Lake Atitlán, as the road around the lake presents a serious crime risk.

Visitors are also advised to arrange their travel with their hotel or resort if they plan to travel outside of their resort, and should only travel to Guatemala City for the day.


Colombia is one of the most diverse countries in the world, bordering two oceans, a host of different climates, and an exceptional variety of wildlife. Like Guatemala, it is a popular destination for American tourists seeking adventure on their next vacation.

But the US State Department is advising US citizens to reconsider traveling to Colombia.

lost city santa marta colombia

Colombia received a Level 3-Travel Reconsideration rating due to crime and terrorism. There are also parts of the country that have been given a ‘Do Not Travel’ rating.

US travelers should not visit the departments of Arauca, Cauca (except Popayán), and Norte de Santander due to crime and terrorism. They should also avoid the Colombia-Venezuela border region due to crime, kidnapping, and the risk of arrest when crossing into Venezuela from Colombia.

If you decide to travel to Colombia, you are advised to keep a low profile in the country, avoid protests and crowds, and monitor the local news for breaking events and adjust your plans based on new information.


Jamaica is a coastal paradise. It has a large number of all-inclusive resorts that are incredibly popular with American visitors looking for a relaxing vacation where they can do very little and enjoy spectacular views.

US citizens are advised to reconsider traveling to Jamaica due to crime. And US government personnel are prohibited from traveling to many areas due to the increased risk.

Woman in a blue lagoon in jamaica

The State Department’s travel advisory says that “violent crime, such as home invasions, armed robbery, sexual assault, and homicide, is common in Jamaica. Sexual assaults happen frequently, even at all-inclusive resorts. »

Families of US citizens killed in accidents or homicides often wait a year or more for Jamaican authorities to issue final death certificates. This can only add to the anguish of losing a family member abroad.

Despite this warning, US citizens continue to travel to Jamaica in droves, and the US is the most popular country of origin for foreign visitors to Jamaica.


Honduras is a beautiful vacation destination where tourists can relax on palm-fringed beaches, explore rainforests, and meet exotic wildlife.

Honduras is also a popular stopping point for cruise ships. When cruise ship visitors and the number of tourists are combined, the country received 2.8 million foreign tourists in 2019.

Ancient Mayan pyramid in Copán, an archeological zone in Honduras, Central America

Despite this, Honduras continues to appear as a ‘Level 3: Reconsider Travel’ destination. US citizens are advised to reconsider traveling to Honduras due to crime and kidnapping.

The notice goes on to say that violent crime, such as homicide, armed robbery, and kidnapping, is common in Honduras.

If you decide to visit this tropical paradise anyway, you should avoid demonstrations, not walk or drive through the countryside at night, physically resist any attempted robbery, and avoid showing signs of wealth. That means leaving watches, jewelry, and designer brands at home!


The Great Pyramids of Giza in the heart of Egypt are one of the seven wonders of the world. And the Red Sea coast of Egypt is considered a paradise for divers.

But US citizens are advised to reconsider traveling to Egypt due to terrorism.

Travel man in hat stand background Egyptian pyramid sunset Giza Cairo, Egypt.

The US State Department warns that terrorists can attack the country with little or no warning. Until now, they have focused on diplomatic facilities, tourist sites, transportation hubs, markets and shopping malls, Western businesses, restaurants, resorts, and local government facilities.

The Egyptian government also does not recognize dual citizenship. This means that the US Embassy in Egypt will have limited ability to assist dual US and Egyptian citizens who are arrested or detained in the country.

The Sinai Peninsula is considered the most dangerous part of Egypt due to frequent attacks on security forces and civilians. The US Department of State lists this as a ‘Tier 4: No Travel’ area.

The only exception to this is the Sharm El-Sheikh spa. This is a level 3 area like the rest of the country, but travel to Sharm El-Sheikh is only allowed by air.

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