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5 Reasons Cruises Are Gaining Popularity With Travelers Right Now


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The cruise has finally returned after several years of uncertainty.

According to Cruise Hive, cruise ships are back to full occupancy (more than 100% in some cases), and 31.5 million passengers they are expected to set sail this year, up 6% from the previous highs of 2019.

Woman on Alaska cruise

This is a far cry from past years. Cruises departing from the US were completely canceled from March 2020 through June 2021. Even when cruise ships returned, occupancy was only 56% in 2021.

While 2022 saw a return to normalcy for the cruise industry once restrictions were lifted, occupancy rates still hovered around 75%.

But starting in 2023, cruise ships will be back with a bang.

Here’s why this travel style has become so popular lately:

Porto Portugal river cruise

1. Hassle-free planning

One of the things that makes cruising so attractive to many travelers is that it is a hassle-free vacation. You don’t have to worry about the logistics of traveling on a cruise.

Everything you could possibly need is in one place – food, lodging, activities and entertainment – and your cruise itinerary will take you from port to port without having to worry about transportation.

You also don’t have to pack and repack as you move from one destination to the next. Once you are on the ship, you will have your own cabin where you will stay for the duration of the cruise.

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Woman with hat in front of cruise ship

2. Multiple easy-to-visit destinations

Another reason cruises are becoming increasingly popular is the ease with which you can visit multiple destinations, especially those that would be expensive and time consuming to attempt on your own (think island hopping around Polynesia French or explore Alaska).

Some cruises allow passengers to spend a few days relaxing on the beaches of Mexico or the Caribbean, while others allow you to explore a handful of Greek islands or European cities in a week.

It’s a great way to experience multiple destinations without having to worry about the logistics of getting from one place to another on your own.

Cruise in Greece

3. Cruise lines for everyone

Some travelers may still have the outdated idea that cruises are stuffy and formal and only for retirees. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

While there are certainly cruise lines that cater to older travelers, there are also cruise lines that cater to families and others that are designed with adults and solo travelers in mind.

There are cruise lines for every type of traveler so you can have the perfect vacation tailored to your interests and travel style.

woman on cruise

4. All inclusive at sea

Many travelers love cruises because they are similar to all-inclusive resorts at sea. All cruises include your accommodations, activities and entertainment, meals and snacks, and soft and non-alcoholic beverages.

You can also upgrade to packages that include alcoholic and soft drinks, WiFi, special meals, and more. You can also book tours and activities for your days in port through your cruise line.

This contributes to the easy and hassle-free nature of cruising and also makes many cruises great value for money as you get a lot for what is often a low daily price.

Toasting champagne at sunset on a cruise

5. Unique experiences

Finally, cruise ships can offer unique travel experiences for adventurous travelers. While many cruise ships offer the standard tropical getaway in Mexico or the Caribbean, there are also tons of itineraries that offer more adventurous travel experiences.

Expedition cruises to destinations like Antarctica and the Arctic Circle are a case in point. River cruises in Europe are another example. And the repositioning cruises that take travelers across the Atlantic or the Panama Canal are a unique experience.

These types of travel experiences make cruises a great way to see the world and experience unique adventures like no other.

Antarctica Cruise

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