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5 Reasons Los Cabos Is America’s New Favorite Sunny Destination


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Now that the pandemic-era frenzy in Cancun is subsiding, other sunny competitors within Mexico are gaining popularity as alternatives to the overly internationalized and crowded Caribbean city.

One of them is Los Cabos, often called the jewel of the mexican pacificand a tourist destination where recovery rates already far exceed those of Cancun, placing it at the forefront of the reactivation of tourism in Mexico after the crisis.

Aerial view of the Los Cabos Arch, a natural landmark jutting out of the Pacific Ocean, Mexico

Los Cabos is so trendy right now We could argue that it’s the most beloved sunny getaway among Americans, but you may be wondering what’s behind this rise in popularity.

In this article, we will give you 5 reasons why vacationers can’t get enough of Cabo:

its beautiful nature

Like Cancun and its vast Riviera Maya, Los Cabos is primarily a beach destination with unlimited natural wealth.

Young man practicing yoga on a beach in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, it is one of the most picturesque coastal sections of Mexico, comprising long golden crescents bathed by a blue ocean, jagged rock formations jutting out of the water, such as the landmark Bowand marine parks.

When they visit Los Cabos, Americans love to spend their time in lovers beacha stretch of sand bounded by imposing rocks, its counterpart on the other side of the beach, Playa Divorcio, where the sea is rougher and perfect for surfing, and Playa El Médano, where the waters are clear and calm enough to take a bath.

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A view of Los Cabos in Mexico, the site of new luxury resorts

The Parque del Desierto Nature Reserve is another most sought after attraction. Tourists often explore it as part of ATV tours, as the trails can be quite rugged, or camel riding.

Then, of course, there is Cabo Pulmo, a vast ecosystem that straddles the Pacific, known for its wildlife and pristine beaches.

With travelers actively seeking the outdoors and reconnecting with nature after the last few stressful years, it’s no surprise that Cabo tourism is booming.

More Wellness Centers

people getting a massage

Over the years, Los Cabos has developed a strong welfare scene that their counterparts in Mexico and Latin America, to some extent, have not yet matched.

Last year, it was officially named the number one wellness destination in the country in recognition of its many wellness-focused resorts and spas.

As verified by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), one of the highest authorities in this industry, Los Cabos has the ‘greatest presence’ of wellness hubs in the geopolitical region, as shown here.

Feet being massaged in a sa, foot massage, relaxation, vacation

Aside from, of course, a wider range of options available when choosing a retreat for a vacation, vacationers who choose Cabo over Cancun are rewarded with access to treatments that combine centuries-old science and indigenous therapies, as well as an approach holistic for well-being, where not only the needs of the physical body are attended to.

In other words, if you are looking the perfect spa dayCabo is where you should go.


Part of the reason Mexico is so popular with Americans is its priceless cultural wealth.

Todos Santos beach in Mexico

A Hispanic nation forged from the ashes of sophisticated but toppled pre-Columbian empires, it is a literal trove of ancient treasures waiting to be (re)discovered.

Although Cabo is not part of the Mundo Maya, restricted to the Yucatan Peninsula where Cancun is, and parts of Central America, and therefore has no step pyramids or Mayan temples, it is by no means devoid of historical value.

It might not be the right choice if it’s Mayan ruins you’re looking for, but history buffs will be pleased to know that it’s home to some of the oldest Mayan ruins and best preserved European settlements in all the Americas.

A sandy beach lined with resorts in Los Cabos, Mexico

While Los Cabos is a bustling tourist area undergoing rapid modernization, expect to find much more idyllic, quaint cobblestone towns and fishing villages that date back to the Spanish colonization of Mexico.

Located just an hour from Cabo, Todos Santos (Spanish for All Saints) is one of many colonial gems worth visiting, with its European-inspired design and central plaza, and charming 18th-century Catholic church.

Booming digital nomad scene

Young man in a floral shirt, summer outfit working from his computer in a beach setting, digital nomad concept

Digital nomadism is gaining popularity now that the world’s borders have reopened and national governments no longer impose stricter visa requirements on travelers who fall into this category.

Although Mexico as a whole has yet to launch its own Digital Nomad Visa, in stark contrast to its counterparts in Central and South America, it still allows tourists to stay in the national territory for up to six months without requesting a visa in advance.

Close up of a person holding a US passport

On top of that, the state of Baja California Sur, where Los Cabos is located, has partnered with popular long-term booking platforms like airbnb to promote slow travel, ensuring the Pacific destination stays ahead of the ever-evolving trend.

Nomads especially like Cabo’s year-round warm weather, laid-back ocean atmosphere, friendly and hospitable locals, higher quality of life, and more affordable housing and health care.

cape is safe

Lastly, you have to consider safety.

Mexican policemen patrolling Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Unlike the border areas shared by the US and Mexico and certain Mexican states where gang activity is rampant, Los Cabos is incredibly safe for tourists.

As Cape Sun reportedit actually ‘feels safer than anywhere else in Mexico’, due to the increased surveillance at tourist spots, the well-trained police force, and the security measures practiced at the tourist and hospitality centers.

According to a recent ‘Perception of Security’ survey conducted by INEGI, Mexico’s Federal Institute for Data Collection, Los Cabos ranked at the top as the best valued city in terms of safetybased on the impressions of both locals and tourists.

Downtown Cabo San Lucas, part of the dual destination Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

The questionnaire included questions about whether they had experienced shootings, robberies or witnessed other forms of violence in recent months, to which an overwhelming majority would have answered ‘no’.

The US Department of State corroborates these findings, having added Baja California Sur, this includes Los Cabos, to its Level 2 Travel Alert list, just short to declare it completely safe for visitors.

They maintain that crime can happen and caution is urged, but that levels of violence are under the control of authorities, and Americans are No advised to reconsider the trip.

Learn more about Los Cabos and why it is leading the booking trends among American vacationers here.

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