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5 Reasons Travelers Are Choosing City Vacations Over Beach Right Now


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If you haven’t booked your summer vacation yet, you may be wondering whether to head to the beach or if now is the right time to explore a new city.

City breaks are busy vacations, providing the opportunity to explore museums and art galleries, enjoy modern architecture, and fine dining. Meanwhile, beach vacations allow travelers to enjoy cocktails on the sand and a chance to kick back and relax.

It can be difficult for travelers to choose between the two.

5 Reasons Travelers Are Choosing City Vacations Over Beach Right Now

Travelzoo has conducted a survey of its members and found that 68% of those surveyed were more interested in taking a vacation in the city than going to the beach this summer.

This is the first time that city breaks have been more popular than beach getaways in the summer edition of this survey.

A young woman eating street food in the city.

Here are 5 reasons travelers are choosing city vacations over the beach right now:

visit somewhere new

When asked what they want to do on vacation, 46% of travelers said they wanted to visit somewhere completely new.

The beach can be beautiful. But many beach vacation destinations can feel overwhelmingly similar. Even in different countries, for example, many Mediterranean beaches look identical.

Also, because beach vacation destinations are generally removed from the hustle and bustle of a town or city, it’s hard to find a variety of shops, restaurants, or attractions to explore.

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A young tourist enjoying a view of the city

Even if you’re visiting a city you’ve been to before, many cities are so big that you can stay in a different part of the city and have a completely different vacation experience. This is not true of most beach resorts.

From cocktail tastings to boating, many of the activities available at a beach resort are similar no matter which resort you visit.

Cultural and Historical Experiences

City breaks are best known for their opportunity to provide cultural and historical experiences.

This is something that 49% of those surveyed by Travelzoo said they wanted to experience on their next vacation.

If you want to immerse yourself in the culture of the country you are visiting, it is easier to do so in a city than in a beach resort.

A couple with a guide in Piccadilly Circus, London

City breaks provide endless opportunities to expand your mind. You can visit historical monuments, local museums and take city tours to get as much information as possible about the place you have chosen to visit.

Also, these activities are not weather dependent. There is a lot to see and do in the city when it is cold or rainy, which is not true of a beach vacation.

Visit more than one destination

City vacations tend to be shorter than beach vacations. Travelers can explore a new city in two to three days, while most beach vacations last a week or more.

Los Angeles Venice Canals.

With 54% of respondents saying they expected to take two or more vacations this year and an overwhelming majority of 90% planning to book more than one trip next year, the opportunity to take multiple city breaks instead of just one vacation in the beach becomes attractive. .

If you expect to travel abroad and visit more than one destination, you may also find it easier to visit places in the city than to visit beach resorts. Most of the airports are in cities, which means that it is easier to visit the cities than the beaches if you are short on time.

Avoid overcrowding

Historically, beach destinations tend to be more popular than city destinations during the summer months.

In some European cities, even residents will choose to leave the heat of the city and head to the beach for several weeks at a time during the summer months.

A crowd of tourists under a bridge in Florence, Italy.

47% of people wanted to choose a vacation destination without overcrowding, which could make choosing a summer city break more appealing.

While some of the world’s most popular cities, like New York, London or Paris, will always feel crowded, opting for a smaller or lesser-known city for your summer vacation can be wonderfully idyllic and free from the typical city crowds. Summer Vacation.

Value for money

Travelers increasingly want to get the best possible value for money from their vacation.

While the economy means disposable income may have declined, the appetite for travel hasn’t.

For this reason, 21% of travelers prefer to organize their holidays themselves, allowing them to get the best possible deal for their hotel, flights and transfers, instead of booking a holiday package.

Aerial view of high-rise buildings and waterfront resorts on a small beach with turquoise water

This tends to be easier to do when booking a city break than when booking a beach vacation, as many hotels in popular beach destinations are blocked by vacation package providers.

Cities also tend to be easier to navigate by public transport than beach resorts and offer a wider variety of free activities, such as museums and art exhibits, which can also help make city breaks better value. price quality.

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