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5 Reasons Travelers Should Visit This Lesser Known Island This Summer


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When looking to relax during the year, the best remedy is always an island getaway. Whether it’s taking a boat trip around the Croatian islands or venturing to remote corners along the Montenegrin coast: there’s nothing a little sun and sand can’t cure.

With an influx of travelers venturing to various parts of Europe, How do you find the lesser-known beauties to visit this summer? Travel and Leisure recently launched its awardsasking viewers to rate their favorite islands to visit.

Popular contenders dominated most of the list, with Italy and Greece featuring several of their islands; however, not all are points of tourist interest.

The Isle of Skye and the Hebrides ranked at number 2, putting Scotland on the map for best island this summer. The archipelago features rugged mountainous landscapes, towering cliffs, and impressive coastlines.


Water activities

With the general weather across the UK forecast to be warmer than in previous years, now is the time to soak up what the beautiful scenery has to offer. While rainy days are at bay, the Isle of Skye is an adventure seeker’s paradise with plenty of outdoor activities to do.

The startlingly clear waters make Skye a prime location for kayakers looking to venture along the rugged coastlines and into hidden bays. Some popular starting points are Loch Duich and Loch Dunvegan.

If you’re a hiker, it’s best to take advantage of the sunny weather and explore while you can. Fairy pools are scattered all over the island and are not to be missed with their vivid blue and green hues. Some of the waterfalls in this region are reminiscent of Iceland in the summer: whimsical and otherworldly.


Quiraing loop

Thanks to the weather forecast for this summer once again, walking through the lush landscapes has never been easier. With dreamy cliffs and choppy waters, you never know what you’ll see on a walk on the Isle of Skye.

The Quiraing Loop is a popular walking trail that covers approximately 4.5 miles in all directions. This is popular with nature lovers and adventurers looking to explore the island’s wildlife. In general, the walk usually takes around 2 hours and is located in Trotternish.

mountains isle of skye

whiskey tastings

With whiskey connoisseurs pouring out of the woodwork, whiskey tasting has risen in popularity among all ages. While Scotland has a large number of distilleries across the country, it’s an even more unique experience to explore Skye’s remote distilleries.

Starting tours and tastings, Talisker and Torabhaig are miles apart from each other. Experience the world’s most beautiful whiskey trail as you visit both distilleries.

Tours are offered here throughout the year if you want a taste of the good stuff and witness Scottish charm at its best.

whiskey barrels

the food scene

While Skye has always been on the radar for good food, there’s something to be said for the food trucks and casual eateries that pop up on the island.

According to Lonely Planet ‘European Gourmet Route Guide’the Isle of Skye was voted one of the best regions to eat in Europe. Thanks to its lush coastlines and landscapes, fishermen catch fresh seafood every day for locals and visitors to enjoy. Oysters, scallops, and seaweed are among many of the favorites found in many dishes here.

Most of the restaurants on the Isle of Skye are owned by locals born here: making the experience that much more unique and the dishes that much more intriguing.

Redhead longhorn Highland cow with her two calves on the moor.  Highland cattle, or shaggy coos, are a distinctive pedigree breed with long thick flowing hair and sweeping horns dating to 1884 that thrive in harsh climates and conditions, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, UK Kingdom, Europe

Wildlife and Natural Wonders

Tranquil lands and natural beauty, it’s no surprise that the Isle of Skye sees an influx of wildlife during the summer months. More recently, a minke whale was seen on the coastand it’s no secret that the island is teeming with migratory birds.

If you’re exploring the island, you’ll no doubt see lava rocks scattered everywhere, with much of Skye covered in basaltic lava flows. These black rocks give Skye the contrasting landscape we’ve seen in pictures, from green mountains to dark rubble.

views of the coast of the isle of skye

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