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5 Reasons Why This Cheap European Country Is Perfect For Solo Female Travelers


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You may have heard that solo female travel has been all the rage recently, and it’s true! With more and more women packing their bags and taking the trip they’ve been thinking about for a while, more countries are emerging as great options for solo female travelers.

Young woman on a sunny day in Poland copy

The woman who travels alone today has evolved. Many are older, in couples, mothers or new. What was once a post-breakup rite of passage, or a single girl’s way to enjoy freedom, is now an ideal way to travel for many women, coupled or not.

Regardless of which social class they come from, there’s no denying that more and more women are embarking on their own solo adventures these days.

medieval wooden boat and embankment of the Motlawa river with houses of old buildings in the historical center of the city of Gdansk, view from behind

To add to the ever-growing list of great destinations for female solo travelers, we have the Central European country of Poland. Rich in history, gorgeous scenery, fantastic food and iconic postcard-perfect cities, Poland offers a great investment for a European trip.

So whether you come for a healthy dose of history or a healthy dose of Polish potato pancakes, there are plenty of reasons to visit Poland for female solo travelers.

5 reasons why Poland is perfect for female solo travelers:

1. It is cheap

Since Poland uses the zloty, favorable exchange rates with the US dollar, the British pound or the euro make it a budget destination for most travelers. The country is actually considered to be one of the cheapest in Europe to visit and live in, and while prices have risen compared to what they used to be, it’s still a much cheaper destination than other popular European tourist spots.

When booking accommodation, you should be able to find decent prices in safe areas, which means you don’t have to skimp on security and book places in seedy parts of town. Poland is known for its incredible cuisine, and restaurant prices are affordable (especially compared to the US), so be sure to take advantage of the food scene.

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2. It is safe

Since it joined the European Union in 2004, tourism has steadily increased, which means there are more tourist-friendly places, making it safer and more welcoming. However, with more people comes an increase in petty crime, so be wary of places that are prone to pickpockets and practice normal precautions as you would anywhere.

He Global Peace Index of 2021 ranked Poland as the 17th most peaceful country in Europe and the 24th most peaceful country in the world. Crime is low and violent demonstrations are rare nowadays, which means that it is a very safe place to visit.

When in major cities, watch out for petty crime and common scamsincluding transportation and bar scams, and remember to trust your gut: if something feels wrong, it probably is.

Warsaw, Poland Famous Barbican old town historic capital city during sunny summer day and orange red brick wall fortress architecture with young woman travel tourist backpack

3. It is accessible

The main cities of Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław and Gdansk are easily accessible on foot, which means there is no need to worry about navigating local transport. Uber is also available, so there’s no need to worry about hassling taxis outside train stations and airports.

Getting from one city to another is easy with buses and trains, both of which are easy to book in English and online. The trains are safe and clean, and most offer good Wi-Fi throughout the journey, not to mention incredible views of the country.

Getting to the country itself is easy via low-cost companies from anywhere in Europe or trains from neighboring countries like Germany or the Czech Republic. Poland is also connected to the US with direct flights, and if you’re flexible with dates and can travel in low season, you can find great deals on non-stop flights.

Aerial view of Wroclaw cityscape, capital of Silesia, a region of Poland, Eastern Europe

4. He’s just friendly

A bonus in Poland are the seemingly endless group tours you can join, from free walking tours of the city to multi-day trips across the regions. While joining a group can take away some of the allure of solo travel, sometimes you just want to do something with others and possibly meet up with friends in the process.

Solo dining is also quite common in the big cities of Warsaw, Gdansk, and Krakow, and you won’t be met with staring or questioning looks as you enjoy your pierogies in peace.

solo traveler with umbrella and suitcase in Krakow old town, Poland

5. He’s (sort of) underrated

Ok, not sure how a place can be underrated and yet one of the most visited countries in Europe, but somehow Poland walks this line. What used to be an under-the-radar secret among savvy travelers is now booming with tourism in most corners of the country.

However, it seems that especially with American travelers, saying you’re going to Poland can be met with surprised looks. While it may not have the same influence as a trip to Italy or France, Poland still attracts its fair share of tourists, mostly from Eastern European countries.

Because it’s not as Instagrammable as Greek beaches or French vineyards, you can still explore many areas without being hounded by selfie seekers. Allowing you to wander in peace without having to elbow your way to the front of every tourist attraction as much as you would in the more popular countries.

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