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6 Reasons Solo Travelers Will Love This Off-Road Country


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South of India lies a magical island filled with warmth, unique culture and the island’s desire to appeal to travelers.

No, it’s not the Maldives, as it’s a well-known bucket-list destination.

The beautiful country of Sri Lanka has fallen on hard times in recent decades, from deadly natural disasters to civil wars that have lasted nearly 30 years.

But it’s the dawn of a new day, and Sri Lanka has turned the page to become a wonderful place to immerse yourself this year.

woman in sri lanka

While any traveler who appreciates experiencing different cultures would enjoy their time on this island nation, solo travelers might love it even more.

Those with a sense of adventure and an appreciation of solitude will truly fall in love with all that Sri Lanka has to offer.

Are here 6 Reasons Solo Travelers Will Love This Off The Beaten Path Country:

Sri Lanka loves you

Sri Lanka wants visitors (or prospective visitors) to know that they are open for business! This country is ready to embrace travelers and re-identify itself by separating its complicated past from the present times.

lonely tourist in sri lanka market

The locals are friendly, whether it’s taking a tuk-tuk ride through the bustling streets of Colombo or the warm hospitality they receive from the restaurants and hotels.

Even more important, it’s safe. Solo travelers are alone and may hesitate to venture into the unknown.

He US Department of State it lists Sri Lanka as Tier 2 with the simple message to be aware of your surroundings and exercise increased caution.

relaxed atmosphere

At first glance, the capital city of Colombo may seem off the rails with mopeds weaving everywhere through the streets.

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tuktuk in sri lanka

But what’s different in Colombo is that you won’t hear a lot of blaring car horns like in other major cities when it comes to the chaos of navigating the city streets.

Sri Lankans are laid back and it is a symbol of their strength in very difficult times throughout their history.

If someone cuts you off in traffic, big whoop! Sri Lankans have bigger concerns and appreciate the little things in life like protecting nature and wildlife.

In fact, where else would you see « Danger: Peacocks Ahead » signs along country highways?

Instead of angrily honking and getting angry on the road, Sri Lankans realize they are all on the same team.

sunset in sri lanka

A perfect way to immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere of Sri Lanka is to enjoy one of the country’s incredible sunsets overlooking the vast sea.

local cuisine

Given its proximity to India, it can easily be confused with Sri Lankan cuisine. While there are definite similarities when it comes to some of the flavors and spices, Sri Lankan food is truly unique.

One of the best parts of traveling solo is being able to do whatever you want on your own time. No more arguing with your loved ones about when and where to eat; You can go!

From upscale restaurants to street carts, Sri Lanka offers a plethora of flavors to please your palate, from lobster curry to kottu, a Sri Lankan speciality.

And save room for dessert. Watalappam, anyone?

street food stall on the beach in sri lanka

low cost of living

Exploring Sri Lanka is easy to do, especially since it is so affordable. The rupee is the currency of Sri Lanka, but it has lost significant value making it very cheap on a day to day basis.

Although it is not uncommon to pay in US dollars when staying in a hotel.

According numberingone-way tickets on city transport can be as little as 17 cents, and taxis are also reasonably affordable, at less than 40 cents a mile.

Travelers can enjoy a cold beer for less than $2 with a full meal for a similar price at some establishments.

virgin Nature

herd of elephants in the jungle of sri lanka

Those who love the outdoors will have the time of their lives in Sri Lanka. Beyond the busy streets of Colombo lie picturesque Indian Ocean beaches, rolling hills through tea plantations, and lush jungles teeming with wildlife.

Since Sri Lanka is still off the radar for many travelers, now is the time to go before it becomes more common, as many sites are still relatively unspoiled.

Even the ancient ruins can be visited alone without crowds.

Underrated nightlife scene

Colombo takes on a new look as the beautiful sunsets and the night progresses. A mix of expats and locals flock to the strikingly European-style old warehouse district.

sri lankan dancers at night

Walking down the cobbled street will make you feel like you are somewhere else as the energy shifts to a vibrant nightlife.

This area is very popular in Sri Lanka and the ideal place to enjoy a night out.

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