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6 reasons why this city is one of the most underrated in Europe


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As travelers flock to Europe this summer, they’re heading to familiar places: France, Spain, and anywhere they can find some fun in the sun.

Even countries like Bulgaria are becoming more popular. But what about Scandinavia? This entire region is an underrated part of the world.

Often what comes to mind is bland food, high prices and very cold winters which can deter tourists. But just like anywhere in the world, there are often misconceptions if you don’t give it a fair chance.

Travelers are starting to take notice of Scandinavia as Denmark is breaking all-time tourism records this year.

national theater in oslo

Norway, on the other hand, is a beautiful country that should be on your radar. Oslo, in particular, is a very cool city and deserves to be at the top of your European travel list.

Are here 6 reasons why Oslo is one of the most underrated cities in all of Europe:

easy to reach

Geographically, the capital city of Norway is very easy to reach. Whether it’s your primary destination or using Oslo as a gateway to Europe, travelers need look no further.

Direct flights here will be shorter than other common destinations like Istanbul or Rome, and easy to find.

nordic atlantic plane in oslo

While the city can be expensive, they have 2 airlines known to save you money compared to other airlines.

Those would be both Norwegian and Nordic Atlantic Airlineswhich flies directly from Oslo to many US cities.

Cleanliness is a priority

Europe is a wonderful place to visit, but there can be cultural differences. A common habit throughout Europe is smoking. Certain places have noticeable trash and cigarette butts.

However, in Oslo, the streets and sidewalks are spotlessly clean. Looking at the sleek modern architecture of many of Oslo’s buildings, one cannot help but notice how clean it is when exploring the city.

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electric cars charging next to a clean sidewalk in oslo

From the lack of litter in the train stations to the crisp, crisp air, Oslo offers a refreshing outlook compared to other commonly visited destinations.

It was not given the title of « Green Capital » without reason.

awesome hotels

Due to its clean reputation, Oslo is home to modern and stylish hotels. One of the latest additions to the city is the fabulous sommerowhich opened last fall.

Originally it was the main headquarters of the city’s electric company. It has been transformed into an immaculate hotel with features such as a rooftop with panoramic views of the city, 6 restaurants and a fully equipped gym with sauna.

great hotel in oslo

another is the america linea luxury hotel that comes with a 24-hour pass with free admission to world-class museums and free use of public transport.

the food is not blandIt’s delicious!

If you arrive in the city center as many do, which is by taking the train from OSL, then your first impression of Nordic food will probably be the flashy freshly baked food you walk into the train station with.

Oslo will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but it’s also a great place to splurge on dinner. The city is home to 6 Michelin star restaurants.

Not bad for a city with a reputation for bland! Norway’s national dish doesn’t help because it’s lamb and cabbage stew.

restaurant patios in oslo

However, Oslo’s food scene is constantly evolving, so travelers should take advantage of the latest award-winning restaurants.

unique museums

One of Oslo’s most famous residents is the painter Edvard Munch. A world renowned artist who was so influential that he has a museum dedicated to his work.

But what is really amazing about visiting Oslo is that you will never get bored! There are 49 other museums to choose from.

Norway is very proud of its heritage, and it’s easy to see why when you visit one of these 50 museums.

inside the munch museum in oslo

Travelers will find themes ranging from castles to well-preserved Viking ships. Although, the famous Viking Ship Museum is currently undergoing renovations.

tale winters

We have all dreamed of seeing the North Pole as children. There was a certain innocent impression we had of what that would be like.

Oslo is one of those rare places where it can take you back to fulfilling those childhood expectations. It has all the appeal you’d expect from a large European city, with cobbled streets and historic charm in its older quarters.

snowing in oslo christmas market

During the winter, it is very cold when it snows. But if you go at the right time, you’ll feel like you’re inside the snow globe that maybe you had as a kid, or maybe a classic storybook.

Oslo’s Christmas markets can also compete with many across Europe. If you’re lucky, you might even see the Northern Lights.

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