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6 Under the Radar Places I Visited This Year


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It’s lovely to travel to Europe to visit popular sites you’ve seen on TV shows growing up. From Santorini to the Cinque Terre, seeing them all in person has been amazing to say the least, but some of my favorite trips this year have included some lesser known places.

Having grown up in the UK, I have been traveling for years and have found a new passion in discovering the hidden places of Europe. From towns frequented by royalty to cobbled villages embedded in mountain ranges: Here are some of the best I discovered this year:

Kotor, Montenegro

A walled city along the Adriatic coast, Kotor is an impressive fortress of cobbled streets and medieval squares. The Bay of Kotor is probably one of the most impressive port areas I have seen in Europe.

If you are in the area, be sure to take a short boat ride from the bay to the secluded ‘Our Lady of the Rocks’ – a lonely island in the sea with some of the best views in Montenegro. The locals here are extremely friendly and the food is affordable and fresh.

Postojna and Predjama, Slovenia

These two regions often go hand in hand and are home to Predjama Castle and the Postojna Caves in Slovenia. In southwestern Slovenia, Postojna is a charming town with a sea of ​​sparkling rooftops and surrounding greenery.

Book a tour to take a mini train through the underground caverns of the Postojna Caves, and then venture 15 minutes to the picturesque settlement that is Predjama.

You know those moments when you can’t even take a picture because you’re in awe? This was one of those moments. Predjama Castle stands proudly, embedded in the middle of a 400 foot cliff. Pay to enter, and walk along its walls. (It even earned a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest cave castle!)

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Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

As our bus pulled up at the entrance to Mostar, I was in complete awe to see the remains of gunshots on the sides of the buildings and the rugged beauty of the country rendered in a small town.

The locals walked me through the cobbled streets, encouraging me to buy gifts for my loved ones, and it was at that moment that I fell in love with Bosnia.

From its intriguing culture to cheap and delicious eats, Mostar was not what I expected, in the best possible way.

mostar bridge bosnia

Zakopane, Poland

Our tour guide dropped us off at the foot of Zakopane Village, giving us a few hours to explore. The main shopping strip was packed with shop vendors selling locally made goods.

We took the funicular up the mountain and were met with 360 degree views of the Zakopane mountains. A popular year-round destination, Zakopane attracts tourists mainly during the ski and summer seasons.

Be sure to stop at any of the traditional restaurants here and try the homemade Oscypek cheese made in the mountains!

view of the poland countryside

Pitlochry, Scotland

Being from the UK, I was surprised that I had never heard of Pitlochry during my travels. Located along the River Tummel, this picturesque Scottish town was one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorites for viewing the infamous Pitlochry Highland Games.

A small town just over an hour from Edinburgh, Pitlochry is what you’d expect any quintessential Scottish town to be. Fish and Chips, seafood restaurants, and charming shops line the streets.

village of pitlochry scotland

Orvieto, Italy

Our bus made its way up the winding roads of the mountain slopes and I couldn’t believe that we had arrived in the charming town of Orvieto. High on a cliff in the Umbria region of the country.

As we wandered through the old town, it was refreshing to see very few tourists here. Untouched beauty surrounded us on all sides as we browsed the fresh produce and handicrafts lining the streets.

The narrow alleys were festooned with hanging vines that trailed along every crevice in the walls as the locals sat on the steps, happily chatting amongst themselves. He couldn’t believe that she had found such a peaceful place in Italy.

orvieto italy

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