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7 Reasons Why This City Is Asia’s Hottest New Tourist Destination


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The travel industry has exploded this year, but so have airfares to Asia. The entire continent has so many wonderful places to check off your travel bucket list that they are well worth the price of admission.

From solo travelers in Sri Lanka to luxurious resorts in Vietnam and everything in between, Asia is truly magnificent.

Although the latest hotspot in Asia might surprise you. Commonly known as the « Las Vegas of Asia », this vibrant city is about much more than its gambling reputation.

macau china venetian section

The secret is out and many travelers are betting on the autonomous region of Macao. And you should too.

Are here 7 reasons why Macau is the new hot destination in Asia:

foodie Paradise

Locals claim that the food scene has changed year on year, with some popular restaurants being pushed out and replaced by newer, more Instagram-worthy food.

The beauty of Macau is that it is a mixture of the old and the new. Lately, it’s “what’s new” that attracts more travelers, as the city has become much more sophisticated.

food vendor in macau

It’s no different for the food scene, and travelers will salivate over Macao’s menus. With a little digging, visitors can find traditional food from Macau’s past while embracing new flavors to appease palates around the world, as Macau is a global destination.

From street vendors to Michelin-starred chefs, there is something for everyone.

sky hotel

Looking at the skyline of Macau’s gigantic wonders, it’s quite surprising to learn that it’s actually not a very big city.

Compared to other popular cities in Asia, this could be an example of why it falls under the radar.

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replica of the eiffel tower in macau

But given its appeal to travelers from around the world as an entertainment hub, it should come as no surprise that Macau has an incredible selection of hotels to choose from.

In fact, Macau has the largest number of 5-star hotels of any city on the planet. Guests can immerse themselves in city-themed hotels like The Parisian Macao or The Londoner Macao, where they are meticulously designed to feel like they are in Paris and London.

Fallen Mask Mandates

Macau recently removed mask mandates outdoors for the first time in years. Even more recently, masks are not required on public transport.

asian travelers with masks

Since Macau is considered mainland China, it’s pretty straightforward to get into. With most other countries having little to no COVID requirements at a time when Macau was still in Pandemic Mode in full force, it was not an attractive destination.

Now that the mask mandates are slowly but surely being phased out, it has become more attractive. Popular Macau Casinos do not require masks to wear.

macau Big prize

Macau is home to the Macau Grand Prixwhere drivers race at unfathomable speeds against each other.

Mercedes racing car at the Macau Grand Prix

The events were canceled during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are a popular attraction now that Macau and the world have reopened.

Both high-speed cars and motorcycles hold events here, such as the GT Cup scheduled for November 16-19 this year.

Easier to reach than you think

Despite Macau being the hottest new city in Asia, it may not occur to those looking to visit Asia. Big names like Tokyo, Bangkok or Bali may come to mind first, all of which are easy to get to from the US.

While there are no direct flights from the US, Macau can be reached with just one connection.

air plane macau

Some common airports that fly directly to Macau:

  • Manila (MNL)
  • Tokyo (HND and NRT)
  • Bangkok (DMK and BKK)
  • Seoul (CIE)
  • Singapore (SIN)

more events

Macau used to be known solely as a gaming destination for other Asian countries to enjoy. Now, Macau intends to become more mainstream and host more events than in the past.

crowded concert

As if the Grand Prix weren’t enough, there will also be the International Rowing Boat Festival. While some concerts have not been announced, it is anticipated that many commercial pop artists will headline shows.

Not to mention other cultural performances to leave tourists with an unforgettable experience.

Casinos of course!

Although Macau is working hard to shed its gambling reputation, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a driving force for tourism.

Home to some of the most exclusive casinos in Asia, Macau lives up to its previous reputation as the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’.

wynn casino in macau

The good news is that you don’t have to travel here just to gamble; there is so much more to do and see. Not all hotels offer gaming, but casinos aren’t hard to find either.

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