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7 Reasons Why This European Island Is A Top Destination For Solo Female Travelers


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Traveling solo is having a moment, with more and more people tuning in to the soloing trend.

One area of ​​solo travel that is becoming increasingly popular is women’s solo travel, with more women than ever hitting the road and enjoying their own company while trying out new experiences and new cultures.

And there is a European island that is a top destination for female solo travelers.

Back of woman sits on the cliff and enjoys the view of the Azure window, famous travel destination in Malta, copy of the Mediterranean sea

One of the best parts of this increased awareness of solo female travel is the buzz the demographic is getting in the travel industry today, with more articles, lizacompanies, social media accounts, and many other factors that suit solo female travelers.

Any woman looking for her next solo trip doesn’t have to do a lot of legwork in choosing her next destination, with an increasing number of countries and cities emerging as ideal female solo travel options for a variety of reasons.

So, to add to the ever-growing list of destinations that have become great options for solo female travelers, we have a small island nation in southern Europe.

welcome to malta

Easily one of the most exclusive destinations in Europe, the island of Malta (and its sister island of Gozo) has recently scored top marks on solo women’s travel lists.

This island country of around 122 square miles packs a lot of punch in its small footprint, including a fascinating mix of African, Middle Eastern, and European cultures, stunning views, jaw-dropping architecture, a thriving food scene, and more.

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7 reasons malt is a top destination for solo female travelers:

1. Security

As the smallest capital city in the EU, Valletta Malta is a solo traveler’s dream. Compact and easy to navigate, the city has just under 7,000 residents and is steeped in history, giving you endless opportunities to wander and take it all in.

What was once a sleepy town on the Mediterranean is now a booming and growing cosmopolitan gem, with more hotels, bars and restaurants popping up every month. Locals mingle with tourists here, and walking the alleyways alone, with the overhanging balconies cascading over your head, provides perfect photo backdrops with little concern for safety.

Outside of Valletta, the rest of Malta is also very safe, and the country’s low crime rate is evident by the number of people you’ll see leaving their doors unlocked and children running around playing long after sunset.

Of course things can happen and no place is perfect so it is recommended to maintain your normal level of personal security.

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Beautiful young woman with hat descends the stairs in Malta towards the coast looking at the panoramic view of Valletta, Malta copy

2. Speak English

In Malta, English is one of the official languages, and is spoken by almost everyone, in fact by almost 90% of the residents. Both English and Maltese are taught in schools, and it is unlikely that you will come across someone who does not speak or understand English.

As the county is a melting pot of cultures, you’ll likely hear many other languages ​​as well, with Italian and Arabic being the most commonly used. The transportation system, road signs, and almost all signage throughout the county is also in English, which means you shouldn’t have a problem getting around if you only speak English.

tourist taking photos of traditional maltese boats

3. Low cost

As one of the cheapest countries in the EU, Malta is still quite affordable to travel to, which means you can save your pennies for good restaurants and accommodation. By not scrimping and staying in the cheapest accommodation possible, you can help to better maintain your security. Of course, it’s not ALL budget options here, and there are also endless options if you’re looking to splurge, too.

In addition to accommodation, transportation is easy and cheap, and most activities are priced lower here than in mainland Europe.

One money-saving tip, look out for Valletta’s famous happy hours, where prices for most drinks are slashed and snacks flow freely. Fill the freshly baked bread with homemade tomato jam and save your pocket money for shopping.

Malta, Mellieha.  View of the famous Mellieha village and the bay on a sunny day

4. Easy transportation

The city of Valletta itself is small and compact, and walking is easily the best way to get around here. Just outside of Valletta, you will find the famous Three Cities, the historic villages of Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua, all worth a visit and also best explored on foot.

To get out of Valletta and visit other areas of the island, the country’s bus system is easy, cheap and easy to use. Get a card from the machine when you arrive at the airport and simply tap it each time during your visit, top it up when needed at the machines at almost every stop.

In addition to buses, the county has ride-sharing apps like Bolt and Ryde, each of which makes getting around easy, safe, and affordable. Getting to Malta’s smaller and simply beautiful island of Gozo requires a quick ferry ride, and once there Gozo is also well connected by bus.

People enjoy a sunny day at St. Peter's Pool near Marsaxlokk, Malta

5. Welcome to the locals

With a population of only half a million people, you might think that the Maltese are cold and isolated, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The Maltese are known for being friendly and their hospitality is evident when you visit their country.

Generous, helpful, friendly and patient with travelers, the people of Malta will give you a warm welcome. Speaking from experience, I have somehow gotten lost many times wandering around Malta and Gozo, and there was never a lack of locals sticking their heads out of the window to guide me in the right direction.

many beautiful boats in Valletta harbor with cityscape in the background, Malta

6. Solo Options

You might not think that the 10th smallest country (not to mention also an island country) would offer good hiking trails, but Malta and Gozo are a hiker’s paradise. With well-marked routes around the perimeter, you can explore the cliffs, coves, and villages on your own without worrying about safety (other than staying off those cliffs when the wind is blowing, trust me!).

Of course, normal precautions apply, but the trails here are well marked and popular, so you shouldn’t feel out of place or vulnerable walking here alone. Aside from hiking, it’s not uncommon to see people dining or exploring on their own. Which means you won’t look out of place when you sit down for a cocktail for one.

buildings on malta street

7. Good weather

Last but not least, another reason why Malta is a great choice for female solo travelers is the country’s fantastic climate. With an average of 300 sunny days a year, chances are you’ll be basking in the sun when you visit Malta.

With a typical Mediterranean climate, Malta’s summers are hot and dry, and temperatures can reach as high as 90 degrees, which means it’s time to take advantage of those beautiful beaches. Winter is somewhat humid, albeit mild, and temperatures can drop into the mid-forties, so pack a scarf if you’re visiting this time.

One thing to note is that the sands from Africa can and often do reach Malta, causing a mist-like smog on some days, which I experienced on many days during my April visit. While it wasn’t every day, it is something to be prepared for to avoid disappointment.

boats in malta

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