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Alaska Airlines launches 4 new flights to Mexico and the Bahamas


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Are you planning to head to warm beach destinations next winter? A major US airline has created new routes to the Caribbean and Mexico that you should consider.

Alaska Airlines recently Announced new direct flights to Nassau, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta from Seattle, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Lighthouse in the port of Nassau in the Bahamas

Four new seasonal routes will take passengers from West Coast winters to paradisiacal destinations with turquoise waters and white sand beginning this December.

Introductory fares start very low, so those who book first will get the best prices.

Sure, more US airlines are offering great options to other sunny destinations this year, but here’s what travelers need to know about Alaska Airlines’ new routes:

Couple watching Alaska Airlines plane from airport

What are the new four routes?

Alaska Airlines flies to the Bahamas for the first time and proudly mentioned it in the press release: “We added our first nonstop flights to the Bahamas from Los Angeles and Seattle.”

The airline also increased services to Mexico as customers continue to show great interest in Mexican beach destinations.

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Nice image of the arc of cabo san lucas in the gulf of california joining the sea of ​​cortes with the pacific ocean in the cape of land in baja california sur

Alaska Airlines added new flights from Las Vegas to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas.

These will be the new itineraries:

  • From Los Angeles to Nassau: The service will start on December 15 —until April 9, 2024— and will serve travelers four times a week.
  • From Seattle to Nassau: The service will start on December 15 —until April 9, 2024— and will serve travelers three times a week.
  • From Las Vegas to Cabo San Lucas: The service will start on December 15 —until April 10, 2024— and will serve travelers four times a week.
  • From Las Vegas to Puerto Vallarta: The service will start on December 14th —until April 9, 2024— and will serve travelers four times a week.
children riding horses on the beach during sunset in Puerto Vallarta

The airline has arranged departure times in Los Angeles and Seattle in the morning, with travelers arriving in Nassau in the afternoon.

Flights from Las Vegas will depart late in the morning and arrive at Mexican destinations at noon.

What about prices?

The airline has revealed only the introductory fares for each route, but the special prices will only last for a limited time.

View of the beach and ocean in Nassau, Bahamas.

These are the launch prices:

  • Flights between Nassau and Los Angeles start at $169 each way.
  • Flights between Nassau and Seattle start at $199 each way.
  • Flights between Las Vegas and Cabo San Lucas start at $139 each way.
  • Flights between Las Vegas and Puerto Vallarta start at $139 each way.

Alaska Airlines recommends travelers to buy tickets directly from its official site, alaskaair.com.

Alaska Airlines plane taking off

The new 737-9 aircraft, a recent addition to the fleet, will operate the Nassau route, as these aircraft allow the airline to fly longer distances, and the routes to Mexico will be operated by the E-175 aircraft.

Recent Destination Updates

The Bahamas is always an exciting destination for American travelers as it tends to exceed expectations.

That is why the low-cost airline JetBlue has also included new routes to this destination, and a few months ago, Disney Cruise Line announced a new exclusive island in the country that will be added to its itinerary next summer.

Cruise ships in the port of Nassau Bahamas

The Bahamas archipelago continues to gain popularity and Mexico is not far behind either.

While there are many fascinating cities and the Mexican culture is quite broad and rich, American travelers can’t seem to get enough of the coast.

Alaska Airlines is adding new routes on the Pacific coast to places with spectacular resorts and beaches – the perfect winter getaway!

One of these Pacific destinations, Puerto Vallarta, has been improving security to keep travelers safe and happy, making the resorts the safest places in Mexico.

Pier in Puerto Vallarta

For those looking for luxurious experiences and a truly relaxing vacation, Los Cabos is one of the best destinations.

The Gem of the Mexican Pacific is America’s new favorite sunny destination for its stunning nature, incredible wellness centers, and great cultural experiences.

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