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American travelers can visit these 10 African countries without a visa


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Africa is growing in popularity with American tourists.

American travelers are planning bucket-list trips to South Africa and cultural explorations in North African countries, Morocco, and Egypt. Safari tours to Africa are also gaining popularity again.

In fact, the United States is officially the most safari-loving nation in the world. 63% of all safari bookings in 2022 came from the US.

woman in blue alley in morocco

But travel abroad for US citizens often requires a visa. Visa applications can add time, money, not to mention paperwork, to your list of things to do before you go on vacation.

For this reason, many travelers seek to enjoy a visa-free trip.

With that in mind, here are 10 African countries American travelers can visit right now without a visa:


US travelers can stay up to 90 days in each 12-month period in Botswana without a visa.

Botswana is a popular safari destination for American tourists. People visit for the incredible variety of wildlife and the exciting adventures on offer.

Botswana boasts a wide range of different landscapes. Visitors can bask in the sands of the famous Kalahari desert or explore the lush green of the Okavango Delta.

Tourists watching elephants on a safari in Botswana


As long as they do not plan to spend more than 90 days in Mauritius, US citizens can enter the country without a tourist visa.

Mauritius is often known as Paradise Island. And it’s easy to see why. It is a dream vacation spot on the beach.

Travelers can enjoy a tropical climate and incredible views. Expect white sand beaches, wild waterfalls, and lush green mountain ranges.

Aerial view of natural reef in a beautiful colorful bay, Mauritius Island

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US travelers can visit Eswatini for up to 30 days without a visa. This applies to both business and leisure travelers.

Eswatini (also known as Swaziland) is a small country and the last absolute monarchy in Africa. This means that the monarch has the supreme power here.

The country boasts a wealth of parks and nature reserves and fascinating wildlife safaris. It is one of the few places in the world where you can see black and white rhinos in the same place.

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White rhino in Eswatini


As long as they have evidence of a return plane ticket, US citizens can enter Morocco without a visa for up to 90 days.

Morocco is rapidly growing in popularity among American travelers. It is a country with rich cultural diversity and beautiful architecture.

Visitors can ride a camel or watch the sunset in the Sahara desert and go shopping in the colorful souks.

Morocco is often referred to as the jewel of North Africa thanks to its historical and cultural importance in the region.

A square minaret seen through the Bab Bou Jeloud gate in Fez, Morocco


US travelers can visit Namibia without a visa for periods of less than 90 days.

Namibia may not be the best-known African destination, but it is home to the world’s oldest desert. The Namib Desert has existed for at least 55 million years. It is considered a fantastic destination for adventure travelers.

Namibia is also famous for the high quality of diamonds it produces if you want to do some luxury shopping on your vacation.

Namib desert in Namibia


You can stay in Senegal for up to 90 days without a visa if you are a US citizen.

Senegal is the most visited destination in West Africa. It has beautiful beaches and impressive scenery.

Most visitors to Senegal will land in Dakar. This is a vibrant and energetic city and a great place to eat delicious local dishes and explore the arts and crafts of the famous local markets.

But getting out of the city and exploring the Senegalese countryside and coastline is the best way to really get to know this beautiful country.

Colorful street in Senegal


If you are traveling on a US passport and spend less than 30 days in Lesotho, you will not need a visa.

This South African country is easily accessible from both Durban and Johannesburg and is nicknamed ‘The Kingdom in the Sky’. This is because it is the only independent state on Earth that exists entirely above 1000 meters.

Lesotho is a beautiful and culturally rich country. Despite its proximity to South Africa, it has a bold and unique personality all its own.

A traditional hut in Lesotho

Sao Tome and Principe

If you are visiting Sao Tome and Principe for a period of less than 15 days, US passport holders will not need a visa.

Sao Tome and Principe is a small two-island country that covers only 960 square kilometers. It is a remote destination that is small but perfectly formed.

Travelers choose Sao Tome and Principe for its extraordinary natural beauty. It is a popular destination for nature tourism thanks to its incredible rainforests and rich biodiversity.

Cao Grande Peak in Sao Tome and Principe, Africa


US citizens can travel to Tunisia without a visa if they stay in the country for 90 days or less.

Many people choose Tunisia for a beach holiday, but it has much more to offer than just its pristine sandy coastline.

Its exciting souks, UNESCO world heritage monuments, and world-class cuisine make Tunis a must-visit vacation destination.

Tourists swimming in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Tunisia in North Africa, Maghreb region

South Africa

US citizens can travel to South Africa without a visa if they stay in the country for 90 days or less.

This is the most popular African destination for American travelers because it has so much to offer. South Africa is a huge country covering more than 471 million square miles. This vast space covers a wide range of biodiversity, and the country has three capital cities.

Tourists can enjoy an iconic African safari, an authentic village experience, and an exciting city break all in one place.

Camps Bay beach, near Cape Town, South Africa, bounded by the brilliant blue South Atlantic Sea on the continent of Africa

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