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Bali removes vaccination requirement to return to normal tourism


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In March 2020, the world as we knew it collapsed and chaos ensued when a virus that was spreading rapidly across the globe was announced as a pandemic.

Here we are in June 2023, where the exhausting theme seems to never quite end. But hey, at least the store shelves are stocked with toilet paper.

Most of the world’s countries have fully reopened and taken the necessary steps to get as close to normality as possible, with Bali being the latest to join them after finally removing the vaccination requirement for travelers.

woman walking in bali village

Tourism records are constantly being broken, whether in the cities of Texas or in the beautiful countries of the Caribbean. It’s no secret that many of these places had the advantage as they opened while others remained closed.

While Bali is always a must-see destination, this remarkable Asian wonder is only now returning to mainstream tourism.

Bali removes vaccination requirement for all travelers

women walking down the hillside in bali

The last step to return to normal life has finally been taken in Bali. There is no more vaccination requirements after COVID testing and quarantines have already been removed.

The local government has been very attentive to the way COVID is handled in the country. They have determined that now is the time to fully embrace tourists regardless of vaccination status.

They recently issued a letter, which was originally published by Bahasa Indonesia. It says in part, « that to follow up on developments in the control situation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in conditions where the spread of cases in the world and Indonesia is increasingly under control. »

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Woman from behind with hat and backpack walking towards a temple in Bali

In other words, there is no longer a state of emergency associated with the COVID outbreak in Indonesia.

In typical government fashion, they are leaving the door open to re-enforce previous policies as they see fit should the health statistics change.

Although they are still pushing everyone in the country to take precautionary measures to protect themselves from the virus.

So if Bali is on your bucket list of travel destinations any time soon, it is recommended to wear a mask if you are not feeling well and carry hand sanitizer in public and wash your hands thoroughly under running water.

traveler at the airport with mask

Getting COVID booster shots is also recommended. In particular, the second full dose or the fourth booster is recommended, especially if you have a weakened immune system.

But the end result is these shots. it will no longer be necessary under these new changes.

Do unvaccinated travelers have any limitations?

Rumors have been spreading for quite some time that customs officials had already stopped checking vaccination statuses long before this announcement.

All it means now is that the law is official. Unvaccinated travelers will be free to go wherever they want, not just in Bali, but throughout the country of Indonesia.

tourist in komodo national park

The main draw of this updated policy is to allow international visitors within the country.

But since airlines don’t check any kind of vaccination record, one can travel from Jakarta to Bali without the hassle of more COVID regulations.

Of course, Bali is the trendiest place to be in Indonesia, so it’s truly amazing news that even more travelers are getting to experience this wonderful place.

Airlines and immigration checkpoints won’t check vaccination statuses at all, so those who didn’t get the jab have nothing to worry about here.

indonesian tourism couple

Travelers come from all over the world to immerse themselves in Bali’s unique culture. With the peak travel season approaching, this new law will make it an even more popular destination than usual.

visa requirements

Recent changes have been made to Indonesian visa on arrival system hoping to increase tourism.

The way it is now is that the cost of an e-Visa on arrival is IDR 500,000, which is about $33 USD.

These are valid for 30 days and can be extended for an additional 30 days, depending on the country you are from. But the odds are in your favor as it is eligible for 92 countries in total.

immigration sign at bali airport

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