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Digital nomads can stay in Canada for up to 6 months with no income requirements


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Did you know that you can work remotely in Canada for up to six months?

according to the current canadian lawstravelers with a tourist visa can work from the country and stay up to 6 months.

A new update was issued on June 27 of this year to remind foreign visitors that this is a possibility. The current migration document states:

“Under current Canadian immigration rules, a digital nomad only needs visitor status to move to Canada for up to six months at a time while performing work remotely for a foreign employer.”

Woman in Quebec City, Canada

Foreign visitors will not be required to meet the income requirements, as they can enter only as tourists.

The Canadian government is also working on new strategies to attract highly-skilled workers, find ways for them to stay longer, and encourage the development of the STEM sector.

Meanwhile, digital nomads can take advantage of today’s job opportunities to explore Canada’s amazing national parks and fascinating cities and soak up the local culture.

People in The Distillery District in Toronto, Canada

Is Canada issuing a new digital nomad visa?

While other countries such as Uruguay and Malaysia have recently issued new digital nomad visas, there is currently no new digital nomad visa in Canada.

What currently exists is the possibility of staying and working in Canada for up to six months with a regular visitor visa.

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travelers with backpacks walking in Alberta airport

However, according to information shared on the Canadian network global newsImmigration Minister Sean Fraser said the government wants to attract more talent to work at Canadian tech companies and they will work on a digital nomad strategy.

They will allow remote workers to stay longer if they get a job offer in the country. And they plan to improve the current start visa.

The best cities to work remotely

Canada has some of the best cities to live in the world, according to a recent study report published by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Global Livability Index 2023.

view of the toronto skyline from the park

Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto all made the top 10 cities, with Montreal coming in at 25th.

These metropolises offer digital nomads better internet connection, more cafes, libraries and coworking spaces, and more activities and entertainment options.

According of nomadAlthough they can be expensive, the best cities in Canada for digital nomads are:

  • toronto: The average internet speed is 19 Mbps and the average cost of living for a digital nomad is $4,488 per month.
  • vancouver: The average internet speed is 16 Mbps and the average cost of living for a digital nomad is $5,712 per month.
  • Victory: The average Internet speed is 17 Mbps and the average cost of living for a digital nomad is $5,350 per month.
Smiling young African American woman wearing a yellow jumper while working from her computer in a living room or office environment, booking flights or digital nomad concept

Canadian cities are not among the top destinations for digital nomads, but not having clear information about current legal possibilities could also have had an impact.

Now that remote workers know they can legally stay in Canada for up to six months and that there are no income restrictions, more people may be looking to Canada as an option for a unique work experience.

The best times to explore Canada

Of course we know that Canada is cold, maybe also cold, especially during winter.

So unless you like freezing weather or are digital snowywinter is not the best time to visit.

woman with snowboard equipment smiling on a sunny day in the snowy mountains

Instead, digital nomads can arrive in Canada during the spring and stay until the fall to make the most of this fascinating country.

During their work, remote workers can visit the 7 most popular national parks in Canada, such as the famous Banff National Park or the fascinating Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park in Quebec.

Suspension bridge in North Vancouver, Canada

Staying for months allows for the ability to plan ahead and set aside days for tech detox and nature connection.

Canada is the perfect destination to explore beautiful forests, enjoy nature vacations, enjoy lakes and admire breathtaking landscapes.

Red canoe on the mountain lake.  Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada.

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