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Dubrovnik did not ban suitcases as reported by major travel outlets


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Since Dubrovnik’s debut in the second season of Game of Thrones, the city has seen a huge influx of tourists to its medieval heart.

According to a report published in June, Dubrovnik is among the most touristic cities in Europe. Although the city only has a population of 41,000 people, it received 1.5 million tourists in 2019.

This large number of people arriving in the city can make life in Dubrovnik difficult for the locals.

In an attempt to combat the associated noise pollution, the city’s mayor has introduced new measures to prevent tourists from passing their suitcases through its cobbled streets.

Dubrovnik did not ban suitcases as reported by mainstream media

Tourists and residents alike are no longer allowed to wheel clattering suitcases down the cobbled streets of the oldest part of the city.

But if you plan to visit Dubrovnik, don’t worry. You don’t need to throw away your luggage and buy a backpack!

Despite what has been widely reported in mainstream media, this is not a baggage ban. This is why:

Old historical street in the city center of the famous city Dubrovnik

Why isn’t this a bag ban?

First of all, tourists are not prohibited from bringing suitcases to Dubrovnik. They are not even prohibited from bringing rolling suitcases to Dubrovnik.

The only thing that is required is that if your suitcase does have wheels, you choose to take it instead of using it in certain parts of the city.

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An arch leading to a cobbled street in the old town of Dubrovnik

This rule will only apply to the cobbled streets of the medieval city of Dubrovnik (known as the Old Town) rather than the entire city in general. So for many travelers heading to Dubrovnik this year and staying outside the Old Town walls, these rules won’t apply at all.

However, if you choose to bring your rolling suitcase into this area, you will be subject to a fine of 265 euros ($290 USD).

Rooftops of the old city of Dubrovnik Croatia

A bigger picture plan

The new rule that prevents tourists from rolling their suitcases in certain parts of Dubrovnik is part of a larger plan announced by the city’s mayor.

This will prevent tourists from needing to carry suitcases in Dubrovnik and will make the common site of tourists scrambling over the cobblestones and blocking the sidewalks with their cumbersome luggage a thing of the past.

Instead, starting in November, Dubrovnik’s local government plans to implement a scheme where travelers deposit their bags at lockers or drop-off points outside the city. Your bags will then be transported directly to your chosen hotel or other address by courier.

Rooftops of the old town of Dubrovnik at sunset

This will only enhance the traveler’s experience in Dubrovnik, making it easier to explore without carrying cumbersome suitcases. No further details have been released about how this scheme will work or how much it will cost.

The measure is part of the « Respect the City » program, presented by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.

So what is prohibited in Dubrovnik?

Although taking wheeled suitcases to Dubrovnik is not prohibited, getting naked in the street is.

Dubrovnik Croatia with game of thrones photo

When Cersei Lannister walked naked through the streets of Dubrovnik on Game of Thrones, many visitors to the city and fans of the show wanted to follow in her footsteps. Literally.

To combat this, Dubrovnik’s local government prohibited visitors from exploring the old city topless or in a bikini. Exploring fully nude was already prohibited under national decency laws.

Anyone who breaks this rule can be fined up to 150 euros ($163 USD).

View of the drawbridge in the old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Tourists in Dubrovnik and other parts of Croatia may also be subject to a fine of up to 4,000 Euros (4,358 USD) for any act deemed to cause « public order disturbance ». This includes, but is not limited to, being visibly drunk in public or playing music in public at an excessive volume.

This new rule also prevents climbing monuments or falling asleep in common areas.

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