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How To Save Money When Visiting These 7 Expensive US Vacation Hotspots


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For many people, summer brings an opportunity to travel and explore places near and far, relax by the pool, wander unfamiliar streets, and try new restaurants.

With a large number of Americans planning to travel to the United States, certain domestic destinations stand out as the most favored.

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While there is certainly no shortage of great places to visit in the US, there are some places that travelers seem to prefer more than others, and price is a big factor in where they choose to go.

TO new study has analyzed many of the top tourist attractions in the United States, based on various travel site ratings, and has discovered which places are the most expensive for a vacation.

Taking into account the average costs of things like food and beverage bills, the nightly rate of the three least expensive hotels in the area, and airfare, rankings were determined to see which US vacation hot spots were the best. they have the biggest impact on your wallet.

uincy Market dates back to 1825 and is a major tourist destination in Boston.

One thing to keep in mind is that the accommodation prices discussed here are for July, which is, of course, high season. So while traveling in the off-season to any of these places is a surefire way to save drastically, we won’t mention it here, as that doesn’t help those looking to travel this summer.

While the cities that ranked the most spending for a vacation are indeed expensive, it’s important to remember that no matter where you’re headed, there are ways to cut costs.

From free attractions to discount hunting, let’s look at ways you can cut some costs if a visit to one of these hot spots is in your future plans.

Here’s how to save money when visiting these 7 expensive US vacation hotspots.:

1. Key West, Florida

Average cost of a 3-night July vacation for 2 adults: $2,321

Despite its ranking as America’s most expensive vacation spot, there’s plenty to do in Key West for those on a budget. Take a self-guided walking tour and enjoy local music for the price of an evening cocktail.

check the Events calendar to see one of the many events that take place in the city, or just head to the coast to wander around and enjoy some spectacular sunsets, and if you’re lucky enough you might witness the local phenomenon of the green flash, we won’t . spoil the surprise here.

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2. San Diego, Calif.

The average cost of a 3-night July getaway for 2 adults: $2,193

With beaches that are often rated the best in the country, the obvious and free thing to do in San Diego is lie on the sand and soak up the waves. But, for those who tire of the beach, there are plenty of options inland that won’t break the bank.

If you are there on a Sunday, you can enjoy a outdoor organ concert in the famous Balboa Park. Explore the dunes at Torrey Pines State Park, stroll along the Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier, or visit one of the many farmers’ markets for free samples and local foods.

Plus, the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art’s La Jolla location offers free admission, so keep that in mind if you’re looking to get inside and enjoy some air conditioning.

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3.Seattle, Wash.

The average cost of a 3-night July getaway for 2 adults: $1,988

Seattle is having a big year, and many travelers are looking to head to this iconic West Coast favorite this summer. While it can be expensive to eat and drink here at all the tourist spots, if you broaden your search, you can find some cheap (maybe even free) stuff to enjoy.

catch a free outdoor movie in one of the city parks, often playing back-to-back performances. What better way to spend the afternoon than with a cheap picnic under the stars and the big screen?

The city is also home to many street fairs, summer festivals, and music festivals, many of which are free, so make sure you don’t miss those too.

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4. San Francisco, Calif.

The average cost of a 3-night July getaway for 2 adults: $1,925

San Francisco is expensive; there is no denying this fact. However, in this favorite vacation spot, there’s always something to do that won’t break the bank—from outdoor concerts to mural exploring, free attractions are plentiful during the summer.

A walk across the world-famous San Francisco Bridge is always free, and don’t miss taking a free walking tour (but remember to tip your guide!) One new thing to check out is the city’s newest free park , the Presidio Tunnel Tops, complete with a free shuttle.

Another way to save in San Francisco is to take advantage of the city’s many happy hours, where everything from oysters to champagne is half off in many places.

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5. New York City, New York

The average cost of a 3-night July getaway for 2 adults: $1,886

The city that never sleeps can be notoriously expensive for a vacation, but the silver lining is the endless free activities to do in this urban jungle.

A walk along the High Line costs nothing and offers great views, and walk across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge before relaxing in the great waterfront Brooklyn Bridge Park, taking in the views with some cheap famous street food from NY.

Are you traveling with children or just need to freshen up? Head to one of the many public pools, beaches, or wading pools. End your day with one of the many outdoor movies that play everywhere from parks to rooftops.

new york city skyline on a sunny day

6. Aspen, Colorado

The average cost of a 3-night July getaway for 2 adults: $1,871

Aspen may be a winter vacation paradise, but it’s not bad in the summer either. While it can’t be considered out of season for Aspen, you can find a few ways to make your summer getaway to the Rockies a little cheaper if you search hard enough.

Most inexpensive ways to enjoy Aspen in the summer include hiking, mountain biking, trail running, and pitching your tent at the few free campgrounds that are still available. Use some of the city’s free shuttle services to get around during the day, then visit the city at night.

Many restaurants in the city have live music in the summer, which means you can sit outside and enjoy some great entertainment and views for the price of your food or drink.

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7. Boston, Mass.

The average cost of a 3-night July getaway for 2 adults: $1,861

Boston is arguably one of the best cities for a summer trip on the East Coast, and yes, lodging and shoreline lobster rolls can be very expensive.

but there are so many walking tours you can take for free around the different neighborhoods that those looking to save a little shouldn’t rule out the city.

Visit some of the many museums during free admission days and see some of the city’s sights. free summer concerts for a cheap night.

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