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Is it safe to visit Sri Lanka now? 5 key points that travelers should know


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Best known for its stunning scenery, warm hospitality, and rich culture, Sri Lanka has faced its fair share of challenges recently (to say the least).

Intense political turmoil resulting from an economic crisis, with the unhelpful impact of COVID-19, has generated anxiety among Sri Lankans and globetrotters alike regarding the safety and viability of the southern island. from Asia.

aerial view of sri lanka colombo

While these issues have not been fully resolved, Sri Lanka’s current health indicates an outstanding recovery, making it an increasingly safe and attractive destination for those with a passion for wanderlust, especially those on a tight budget.

However, Here are five key things travelers should know about the conditions affecting the country (good and bad) before entering the Sri Lankan border:

Political and economic challenges of the past

Sri Lanka began experiencing a shocking number of power outages and shortages of necessary basics in March 2022, including all-important fuel, medicine and food. Consequently, the inflation rate increased by 50% per year, causing uproar among the citizens and thus triggering mass protests across the country.

The incompetence of the government to supply said goods was due to the lack of local currency, which caused President Goyabaya Rajapaksa resigns in July and the protests to recede in November after eight months of chaos.

protests in sri lanka

Much-Needed Cooperative Financial Support

Since the retirement of the former president, with Ranil Wickremesinghe seizes control of the Rajapaksa reigns the same month, Sri Lanka thankfully began receiving oodles of financial backing to get back on its feet, including a $3 billion grant from the International Monetary Fund and a $600 million loan issued by the World Bank.

Most notably, though, is that during the beginning of the financial crisis, India issued Sri Lanka a $4 billion line of credit, which was due to end this March. Although, after remaining obligations and with only $350 million to spare, India, out of goodwill, awarded Sri Lanka another $1 billion just two months ago, to spend on essential imports and more time to regain stability.

Polonaruwa, Sri Lanka.
Telephoto image of the old courtroom with ornate steps and guarded by lions, a UNESCO sight.

Following the financial support and implementation by the government of sound economic management policies, Sri Lankan inflation is reported to be down 14%.

Now is the time for the world of tourism to do its part. Excursions go far beyond drinking cocktails on the beach and sightseeing. By boosting demand for local goods and services, the country’s financial health can be greatly increased, helping to build a healthy economy and fostering prosperity and growth for its citizens.

sri lankan coast

Defense of security and critical resources

Given the abundant attendance, it’s safe to say that Sri Lanka is now safe enough to visit. The nation has finally overcome all critical Shortages: Fuel supplies have been replenished, health services are running as usual, and supermarkets and restaurants are recharging.

Tourist places, such as national parks and beaches, are also operating as normal.offering peaceful and pleasant experiences for everyone as if nothing had happened.

Demonstrating resilience, Sri Lanka once again becomes a destination of choice, welcoming travelers from all over the world with open arms.

elephants in the sunset in sri lanka

very affordable trips

One major positive is that the decline of the country’s local currency (the Sri Lankan rupee) has made Sri Lanka a very affordable vacation spot.

Unlike many other hospitality businesses, Sri Lankan hotels have maintained pre-Covid prices, allowing travelers to save significant amounts of money on comfortable stays, often with sparkling pools, spas and beach views.

Foodies will also rejoice knowing that they can pick up a cheap meal for just a few dollars, as the bougiest restaurants on the island charge roughly just $15 for delicious cuisine that is usually expensive. Drinkers can also enjoy an ice cold beer in the sun for just $1.25.

colombo skyline, sri lanka

Awesome sights and experiences

Sri Lanka, aptly known as ‘The Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, boasts a wealth of places worth visiting, with lush landscapes, national parks teeming with wildlife and picturesque coastlines, all of which provide an uplifting experience for all. the spheres of life.

The nation is a paradise for adventurous animal lovers, with Yala National Park and Udawalawe National Park offering once-in-a-lifetime safari adventures. Visitors have the unique opportunity to see many exotic animals in the flesh: elephants, storks, mongooses, langur and malkoha monkeys, and more.

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Although Sri Lanka’s landmarks are magnificent, the nation goes far beyond natural beauty, possessing a remarkable cultural history ranging from colonial architecture to Buddhist temples and ancient palaces that intrigue everyone. those who visit it.

No matter what makes you tick during your travels, it’s time to embark on an adventure in Sri Lanka. This diverse destination offers a variety of tempting experiences that are not only easy on the finances, but also offer a generous dose of sunshine, ideal for recharging vitamin D levels any time of year.

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