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Launch of this new US website makes booking international rail travel easier than ever


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Train travel has experienced a boom in popularity, particularly in Europe.

With the introduction of new night train routes in Europe and Asia and a ban on short-haul flights in France, more people than ever are turning to the train to navigate new places on vacation.

To make international rail travel easier than ever for those living in the US and Canada, the international rail ticketing platform online railway has expanded its services.

A beautiful girl traveling by train through mountains in Sri Lanka

While it’s still possible to buy train tickets directly from the provider in each of your chosen countries, Rail Online now offers access to train reservations in the US, Canada, UK and Europe directly to customers in the US and Canada.

What makes Rail Online so attractive is that it offers carrier fare price matching and instant refunds on unwanted e-tickets.

But perhaps the most appealing aspect of their service is that bookings aren’t subject to foreign currency transaction fees, which means you can book in local US or Canadian dollars and know exactly how much you’re spending with no hidden fees.

    Residents and visitors to the city of Budapest wait for a train on the inner platform of Keleti station

Here is everything you need to know:

What tickets are available?

Travelers in the US and Canada can now use the Rail Online platform to book tickets with:

  • Amtrak in the United States
  • VIA Rail in Canada
  • National Rail in the UK
  • SCNF in France, including tickets for the Eurostar
  • Eurail, which provides passes for travel itineraries throughout Europe

Trenitalia in Italy will also be added to the platform in the coming weeks. According to the website’s founder, the company plans to add new rail network connections to the site as regularly as possible.

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Regional train on the Cize-Bolozon viaduct through the Ain gorge in France

When you book your train tickets with Rail Online, an e-ticket will be issued to you within minutes of making your reservation.

This is not only convenient for last-minute travelers and good for the environment as paper waste is eliminated, but it also reduces the risk of losing your ticket while traveling. Something that can be time consuming and expensive to rectify in the middle of your trip.

Why travel by train?

If you’re new to train travel, you may be wondering why you should take to the rails instead of taking to the skies.

For shorter trips, traveling by train is often faster and easier than renting a car and cheaper than using a taxi.

Novina railway viaduct in Krystofovo udoli, North Bohemia, Czech Republic

You don’t need to worry about getting stuck in traffic or taking a wrong turn and getting lost in an unfamiliar country or city.

For longer intercity or even cross-country trips, rail travel is faster, more reliable, and greener than flying.

Also, since most travel stations tend to be in the center of cities, while airports are on the outskirts of cities, you won’t have to worry about expensive and time-consuming transfers when traveling by train.

West Palm Beach, USA - Nov 14, 2022: Brightline intercity private rail train in West Palm Beach in Florida, USA.

In many cases, traveling by train is also cheaper than flying when you factor in the cost of airport transfers and getting luggage onto a flight.

Encourage train travel

Making train tickets easily accessible, both domestically and internationally, may encourage more Americans to consider rail travel for their next vacation.

America may be known as the land of the automobile, but the country also boasts the largest rail network in the world.

The United States has twice as many railways as China, for example, but the number of American passengers using trains is significantly lower than in other first world countries.

High speed trains on a platform in Madrid

The sheer size of the US and the distance between many of its cities is a good reason for this, but trains are still a fun and affordable way to travel, especially in Europe.

In many parts of Europe, train tickets can be bought for less than $10, as long as you plan your trip in advance and book your tickets in advance.

Most European train companies tend to post their cheapest fares 3-6 months in advance, so the earlier you book, the more money you can save. And if you use online railway To make your reservation, you can save on transaction fees as well as foreign currency exchange fees.

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