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Los Cabos aims to expedite the immigration process to less than 30 seconds


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As one of the top tourist destinations south of the border and the fastest growing coastal destination in Mexico, Los Cabos has been dealing with considerable delays at the border and other immigration-related concerns for months.

Trying to distance themselves from their counterparts (Cancún International is an example of a Mexican airport lacking critical infrastructure), the city’s airport authorities are now aiming to speed up detection. further and passenger processing in less than 30 seconds.

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Now that Mexico’s Pacific coast is all the rage with sun seekers and tourism is expected to reach record levels, this sounds like an impossible feat, but here’s how they’ll do it:

Los Cabos will aim to make immigration as seamless as possible for Americans

When traveling abroad, one of the main sources of anxiety for tourists is immigration.

Whether it’s the prospect of being questioned by a border agent or being stuck in line for hours until it’s time to go through screening, landing at a new international airport is not always a smooth process.

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As the second busiest beach destination in Mexico, second only to Cancun, at least for now, Los Cabos aims to make immigration a less stressful experience.

Manual Salvador Cordero Esparza, director of Mexico’s National Institute of Migration, responsible for overseeing border movements, recently announced that Los Cabos International (IATA code SJD) will reduce wait times at international gates to just ‘seconds’.

This follows numerous complaints from customers who were baffled by the time it took border agents to screen each individual passenger.

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At peak hours, one could expect to queue for several long minutes and up to an hour until the lines started moving faster.

Unsurprisingly, this has negatively impacted the customer experience, considering that waiting indefinitely is the last thing vacationers expect upon landing at their final destination.

In the words of Esparza, they can now count on being processed in less than 30 seconds, or even less, wwith 20 being the ultimate goal.

How will Los Cabos reduce wait times?

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That said, Esparza has not specifically detailed how this ambitious initiative will come to fruition, given the increase in passenger numbers and the widespread popularity that Los Cabos currently enjoys as an alternative destination to crowded Cancun.

Fortunately, steps have already been taken to ensure that the way is paved for a seamless border in the future, and a lot of that has to do with the cutting-edge technology that’s being introduced.

Earlier this year, the airport revealed that it would be launching its own eGate system, following in the footsteps of Cancun and many other hubs internationally.

Traveler using an EGate in an international passport

Once implemented, eligible travelers will be able to simply scan their way into Cabo and avoid the winding lines at customs.

In Cancun, the novelty has proven to be a success story, with very few reports of excessively long waits making headlines since eGates went live. Los Cabos will not be the exception.

To use an eGate, a traveler must be eligible, which means they must come from an authorized low-risk country, such as the United States and Canada, and carry a passport with a chip.

This is the standard travel document issued to all US and Canadian citizens at this time.

us passport airport

Upon arrival in Cabo, instead of following the arrows leading to the immigration booths, you will be directed to the electronic entry gate, where you will be directed to place your passport on the reader and face the camera, one at a time.

If there are no red flags, the door will open and they will be unceremoniously crossing the Mexican border without the need to first speak to an immigration officer and present the usual tourist documentation, such as valid accommodation and return tickets.

Will eGates replace current man-assisted controls?

While there have been no official reports on the impact of the eGate implementation in Cabo and whether it will actually reduce individual wait times to less than 30 seconds, as authorities promised, there is no denying that eGates have been implemented. revolutionizing international travel.

In certain countries belonging to the European Union, they have already replaced the old interrogations that Americans underwent before being admitted to the bloc, which also means that entry stamps are gradually being removed.

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Very soon, especially after the EU launches its long-awaited and overdue entry-exit system, US passport holders will no longer be stamped upon entering the continent for screening purposes. Your data will be stored digitally when you scan your document at an eGate point.

The same applies to Mexico.

Previously, those seeking entry not only had to be interviewed upon landing, but also had to fill out an immigration form.

Travelers scanning their passports at eGates for automated border control, international travel

Los Cabos International Airport formally eliminated the dreaded bureaucratic step at the end of 2022, giving a further indication that the airport is committed to its goal of simplifying border control. as much as possible.

In addition to eGates and the removal of the form, authorities could take other actions to speed up crossings.

So far, an exact date has been set for the implementation of Cabo’s eGates. has not been confirmedalthough Cape Sun reassures visitors the process is currently ‘ongoing’.

As the leading source on all things Los Cabos has stated, “hopefully within six to twelve months” the new technology will be implemented, ensuring guests have an optimized experience when flying to the Mexican cabos.

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