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Los Cabos is one of the safest beach destinations for American travelers this summer


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Los Cabos may be one of America’s favorite sunny getaways, but concerns about security levels in Mexico continue to haunt potential visitors amid the overwhelmingly negative representation of Mexico in US media this year.

Reports of kidnappings, murders, and rising crime in border regions have dominated the headlines, and while certain areas of the country are in fact no-go zones and quite dangerous for foreigners, particularly along the US border. In the US, it is important not to generalize as crime rates vary. drastically between regions.

Famous Los Cabos Arch In Los Cabos, Pacific Coast Of Mexico

The double fate of Los Cabos is still very safebut saferthan most tourist cities this summer, and this is why:

Los Cabos is a Tier 2 destination, but what does that mean?

The duo Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, which together form the ‘Mexican Capes’, are one of the least risky destinations in Mexico this season. That news should certainly come as a relief to more cautious travelers who have been putting off vacations over media-perpetuated fears.

Mexico is an incredibly vast country, with as many as 32 states, and the general perception of security in a state, province, or even a broader historical region can be completely different compared to others.

Modern Marina In Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Los Cabos is part of Baja California Sur, on the Pacific coast, away from all the gang violence and rampant crime that plagues most of the transit territory between Mexico and the United States.

Unlike exclusion zones like Colima, Guerrero, and Zacatecas, Americans are not at significant risk of being attacked by criminals, kidnapped, or seriously injured in muggings—the US State Department considers this a tier 2 destination.

This means that a greater degree of caution is advised while visiting, but travel is not discouraged or strongly discouraged as security levels are within normal parameters. At Level 2, Los Cabos is one of the safest destinations in Mexico heading into the summer, and the local authorities intend to keep it that way.

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View Of The Beach In Los Cabos Lined By Resorts And Bounded By The Blue Pacific Ocean, Baja California Sur, Mexico

They recently announced that they are take more actions so that tourists feel safe during their visit, particularly with regard to transportation in the area.

More safety on the roads of Cabo

As those of you who have been to Mexico before will know, the dream of arriving at any Mexican airport for that much-needed sunny break can quickly turn into a vivid nightmare.

With yelling taxi drivers swarming the arrivals halls trying to get your attention and hefty taxi fares threatening to empty your wallet in the first few hours of arrival, landing in Mexico without having previously arranged a private transfer can make it a hassle. easy target for scammers. and be incredibly risky.

Taxi driver with a mask seen from the back seat, passenger perspective

Fortunately, the Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Economy, as well as municipal and state authorities, and the Mexican National Guard are now working together to inspect transport companies throughout the tourist strip and ensure that drivers comply with guidelines not only related to prices but especially to safety.

As reported by Cape Sunthere are numerous delays resulting from accidents on the highway that connects the international airport with the hotel zones, either due to congestion or reckless driving.

officials now have committed to improving the transfer experienceinvesting in road expansions and allowing traffic to flow better, lowering the speed limit, detecting driver misbehavior, and ensuring guests have a smooth and safe ride home to Cabo.

Los Cabos marina with lots of docked boats and yachts, Baja California Sur, Mexico

More police in tourist areas

In addition, the police presence is once again increasing in tourist areas, particularly after an armed robbery at a cafe near the tourist area in July 07.

While events like these are fairly common in any major tourist destination, even in the United States, they are not unique to Mexico, it is the authorities in Cabo that have shown some courage. reacting faster and more decisively.

Unlike big US cities like San Francisco and New York, where urban violence continues to escalate without an effective response from state officials, all it took was a single armed robbery for Cabo to bolster his ‘ Tourist Battalion’.

Tourist boats docked by a beach in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Although no one was hurt, the police flocked to the tourist spot in the cityimmediately offering vacationers a greater sense of security and sending a clear signal to bandits and pickpockets that crime will not be tolerated.

The beaches that line the resorts, Cabo’s bustling marina and bohemian districts have also enjoyed increased surveillance since the incident.

The fact that authorities are willing to go out of their way to remind visitors that they are welcome and perfectly safe in Cabo when the city itself has very low crime rates, and this was simply a one-off, is further proof. that they have nothing to (excessively) worry about.

The locals themselves feel that Los Cabos is safe

Downtown Cabo San Lucas, part of the dual destination Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

In fact, an INEGI report concluded that 67.5% of Los Cabos residents consider it a safe place to live, one of the highest rates in Mexico.

the crime is extremely rare in the tourist areas of Cabo, and most of the riots are related to pickpockets rather than gun violence.

On top of that, they have started cracking down on illegal vendors who have been known to harass beachgoers who are simply trying to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun.

Now, authorized providers are made to show supplier accreditation and wearing white uniforms to let visitors know they are not scammers and can be trusted.

Two women on a mexican beach watching princess cruise ship in mexico pacific coast

In sum, security in Cabo is tighter than everand while it’s certainly not crime-free, like every other hugely popular global destination in its league, it’s one of the few that puts the safety and well-being of tourists first, and as seen here, they do so through actions , not just words.

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