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Majestic highlands and castles: some of Scotland’s best attractions


‘A feast for the eyes’ is how Scotland is best described as a tourist destination. In addition to the incredible scenery and scenery, especially in the Highlands, there are also many magical castles to visit.

Scotland has a long and fascinating history and a rich heritage. If you visit the castles of Scotland, you will discover more about this history and heritage.

If you just booked a travel package to scotland, you won’t have to worry about your flights, accommodation and itinerary because it will take care of you. But if you still have no idea where to go, read on as we’ll take you through a guided tour that showcases Scotland’s best attractions and charms.

Edinburgh Castle. Credit: E Mens

edinburgh castle

When talking about Scotland, it’s impossible not to think of the famous Edinburgh Castle. This castle is one of the oldest and most historic fortified places in all of Europe. It has stood the test of time and served as a royal residence for generations of royals, a former stronghold for the military garrison and even a prison. Its halls have witnessed countless stories of love, war and life.

Stepping foot inside Edinburgh Castle and marveling at its timeless beauty is a truly fascinating experience, as you’ll walk the path once walked by kings, queens, and brave soldiers. In fact, Queen Margaret, who was later canonized as a saint, breathed her last here in 1093. And so, King David I built the Chapel of Saint Margaret in honor of his late mother, which later became the Edinburgh’s oldest building.

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Arthur’s seat. Credit: Mike Newbry

arthur’s seat

When you are in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, you should try to visit the curiously named Arthur’s Seat. This is a craggy, grassy prominence rising above the urban sprawl offering stunning panoramic views of the city.

It was named so because some people believe that Arthur’s Seat was where the legendary Camelot, King Arthur’s legendary castle, once stood. Whether or not this is true is still up for debate, but what is certain is that Arthur’s Seat sits directly on top of a volcano that erupted millions of years ago and has been dormant ever since.

The climb to the top of Arthur’s Seat is a short walk and the view from the top is well worth it.

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Stirling Castle. Credit: Neostalgic

Stirling Castle

As well as being hailed as one of the most beautiful and best-preserved Renaissance buildings in all of the UK, Stirling Castle was also home to many of Scotland’s kings and queens, particularly the Stuart monarchs. It is also famous for being the childhood home of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Stirling Castle is home to the luxurious Suite of Six, which has three luxurious bedrooms for the king and another three for the queen. These suites are best known for their intricate ornamentation and colorful tapestries, which were carefully woven by artisans during the Renaissance. Stirling’s heads, made from circles of painted oak, are also a striking addition to the interior of the King’s Audience Chamber.

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Rosslyn Chapel. Credit: Emily Crawford

rosslyn chapel

Rosslyn Chapel’s fame may have come from Dan Brown choosing it as the setting for the climax of his best-selling novel, The Da Vinci Code, but long before that, it had already been hailed as Scotland’s most beautiful and enigmatic church.

This 15th-century chapel, with its rich symbolic imagery and ornately carved interior, was built in honor of William St Clair, the 3rd Prince of Orkney. It is loved by many for its fascinating vaulted ceiling heavily embellished with engraved roses, lilies, sun, stars and moons.

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Urquhart Castle. Credit: Lasma Artmane

Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle

Scotland is known for many things, but one of the most famous is the iconic Loch Ness and the monster that is said to reside in it. Steeped in rich history, this Scottish loch is located in the Highlands, southwest of Inverness.

Loch Ness probably takes its name from an old Celtic word that roughly translates to « the roaring one. » This inspired legends that a centuries-old mythical monster made this massive lake its home for countless centuries. Whether the Loch Ness monster, or « Nessie » as it is affectionately called by locals, actually existed is still up for debate, but its intrigue has certainly drawn tourists from around the world.

Sailing across Loch Ness through the Caledonian Canal in hopes of catching a glimpse of the elusive monster is one of the most popular activities here. And even without seeing the mythical being, the cruise is certainly worth it because the lake is surrounded by stunning Highland scenery. Not to mention the ancient ruins of Urquhart Castle on the shore of the loch, best seen from the cruise.

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Glasgow Cathedral. Credit: Vishnu Prasad

glasgow cathedral

Anyone with an eye for architecture is sure to be in awe of the haunting yet timeless beauty of Glasgow Cathedral. On the outside it presents Gothic lines from the 13th century, which later contrasts with its elegant central tower.

Delicate tracery is evident in the windows, especially in the western main entrance, which is only used on special occasions. Inside, its dark and imposing interior, characteristic of Gothic architecture, has that medieval power that can intrigue you or send you chills.

Last words

Scotland is undoubtedly among the most culturally rich and visually stunning places to visit in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why. From its majestic Highlands to its stunning architecture and stunning scenery, it is certainly one for the books, especially for castle lovers.

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