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Review: SOTO Thermostack Cook Set Combo


I have been testing the SOTO Thermostack Cook Set Combo. The cook set – made of hard-anodised aluminium and a titanium mug – is great for camping trips.

Features include:

  • 750ml aluminium cooking pot (can be used on a stove)
  • 400ml titanium mug
  • 350ml stainless steel mug
  • Put two of the mugs together to enhance the thermal heat retaining qualities
  • Pot handle
  • 2 sipping lids
  • Insulated cover/carry bag
  • Total weight: 310g.
  • Size 8.6cm x 11cm
  • £71.95 at New Heights (Also spotted for £49.99 on Amazon.)
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On test: SOTO Thermostack Cook Set Combo

Backpacking, bikepacking and wild camping require durable and lightweight kit. It’s useful to have cookware and mugs that are easy to carry and also robust.

The SOTO Thermostack Cook Set includes a useful range of different sized mugs/pot. On a solo trip I took only the larger pot, plus pot lifter, and the titanium mug. When camping with friends I took all the pots and used the three as mugs.

Two of the pots have useful liquid measuring lines if you need to make a meal with the right amount of water.

The lids are useful for retaining heat and preventing spillages. The insulating carry bag adds to the heat retention potential.

I like that the pots all fit neatly inside each other and have a carry bag.

This is a cleverly designed camping cook and drinking set.

The price is quite high but the products will be very long-serving. You can shop around to find the set at a cheaper price.