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Review: Ultimate Direction Women’s Adventure Vesta 5.0


I have been testing the Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta 5.0. It is a running backpack for women. There is a version for men.

Features include:

  • Improved slide-rail sternum straps for easy one-handed use
  • Integrated double rain roof
  • Front pocket for 500ml water bottle
  • Front zip pocket
  • Comfort Cinch™ 2.0 for a snug fit
  • Shoulder strap shaping to promote weight distribution and a comfortable fit
  • Lightweight 4-way stretch fabric: Flex Mono Mesh, MicroMono Mesh, 20D Nylon Sil, Nylon/Elastane with ripstop for durability
  • Two zippered pockets as options for a mobile phone
  • Integrated whistle for emergencies
  • Elastic with drawstring for external gear storage and general compression
  • Articulated PLB pockets for GPS tracking devices
  • Large rear pocket with capacity for a bladder of up to 2 l.
  • Accessories for trekking poles
  • Weight: 279g
  • Volume: 16.5 l
  • Bottles: 1 Body Bottle™ II 500
  • Price: £136
  • buy from Broker’s Need.
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My Thoughts: Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta 5.0

I was looking for a running pack that would allow me to carry enough items for a full day of running. The 16.5L size is ideal and I like that it still has a fitted vest style. The vest style keeps the weight neatly close to your back and upper shoulders, meaning it stays put when you run, even when you’re loaded with gear.

The chest straps are easy to clip on and move up and down on the vertical rails on both sides. This makes it easy to get a good, comfortable fit.

The extra elastic straps allow you to expand or cinch the pack to fit your body and also depending on how much gear you need to carry. This means that the backpack stays compact and still on your back.

Another plus is that the pack has room for a large phone with easy access. I use my phone a lot in the hills for photos and navigation. I like that there are two options: a zippered pocket for the shoulder or chest strap and another zippered pocket on the lower front. Both are big enough for my max size iPhone.

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There is space for a 500ml soft fluid bottle in front of the chest and shoulder straps. It would be nice if there was another place for a soft thermos in the front of the backpack. I managed to add a smaller soft flask to an open top side pocket, but it would be even better if there were two dedicated soft flask pockets on the front of the pack.

Another way to transport liquids is through the use of a hydration bladder, which is inserted into the back of the pack. This is fine, except that it then takes up a bit of bulk inside the packet with water.

Other advantages of this pack are many places and pockets to store things. I like having quick access to food and snacks and there are plenty of places on the pack that are handy for this type of smaller item.

The main zippered compartment is also roomy. I can carry a lot of spare gear like a lightweight insulated jacket, waterproof running jacket, waterproof pants, gloves, hat, buff, etc. This is a great volume for a race day in the spring, summer, and fall.

There are two outside pockets for things. These are made from a stretchy fabric and allow you to store items, like a rain jacket, that you need easy access to. I like these pockets for items you take on and off frequently.

There’s a handy rain cover that can be stowed internally or taken out and wrapped around the entire pack.

Trekking pole accessories are attached to the sides of the packs, from the chest straps to the shoulders and under the arms. You need poles that fold neatly into three for this carry position, otherwise you’ll end up with the tops of the poles hitting you in the face. With the correct poles, the fixing points are good.

A couple of irritations include the smaller pocket that is attached to the top of the shoulder strap. The idea is that this is used for a tracker if your event requires it. I found the pocket annoyingly loose and floppy. I finally took it out and put it in another pocket.

Also, my lower back was irritating to my skin when I was only wearing one layer of light clothing. There is a fine mesh that covers a series of elastic straps and they rubbed against my lower back. I solved this by cutting a piece of old camping mat and placing it between the mesh and the back of the pack to provide some cushioning and protection.

Overall this is a brilliant and very comfortable pack. The price is more than I have paid before for other packages, but it is a well designed and easy to use package. It’s a big volume and the small size is ideal for my frame. (I’m normally a UK10). I have already used the pack many times over the summer.