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The 8 main South American cities for digital nomads according to a new study


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South America seems like a faraway land with its rich culture and charming, picturesque towns. Although it may seem far away, many notable cities are just a short flight away from a new adventure.

That could be the main draw for digital nomads who want to call South America their new work home.

Many places on the mainland are very affordable, so many remote workers can lead a nice life here and stretch their money even further.

A new study of resume.io has rounded up the top destinations for digital nomads in South America.

woman working on a laptop outside

By analyzing thousands of social media posts with the #digital nomad hashtag and confirming users’ geotags, they were able to determine the top cities that digital nomads call home.

These are the The 8 Best South American Cities for Digital Nomads:

8 – Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador’s underrated capital made the top 8, and it’s no surprise why it’s so popular. Those who visit Quito may not want to leave.

Travelers with a laptop in hand will be instantly tempted to linger in the charm of the charming streets and sidewalk cafes of the historic main square.

This study found just under 2,500 verified digital nomad posts on this underrated gem.

I quit at night

7 – Santa marta colombia

This quaint seaside town instantly attracts digital nomads as soon as they set foot outside and see the pristine coastline.

Although it is quite small to be a major Colombian attraction, it also serves as a gateway to many other popular cities, which is probably why Colombia is so popular with digital nomads!

Almost 2,500 posts from digital nomads were verified.

Hiker enjoy the panoramic view of the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta- Santa Marta/ Magdalena/ Colombia

6 – Santiago, Chile

Santiago’s astonishing skyline is a sight to behold. It’s easy to see why travelers are drawn to the backdrop of beautiful mountains behind this sprawling city.

Not to mention Chile’s unique culture and underrated cuisine, digital nomads have plenty of reasons to want to plant their flag here.

The study also found just under 2,500 verified posts from digital nomads.

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cable car over santiago de chile

5 – Cartagena Colombia

This popular and charming city full of cobbled streets and historic buildings attracts all travelers, not just digital nomads.

With a year-round tropical climate, digital nomads will live the life of their dreams by choosing Cartagena.

The study found just under 3,900 verified posts from digital nomads on this Colombian gem.

colorful streets of cartagena

4 – Sao Paulo, Brazil

This vibrant mega-city is the most populous in Brazil, but apparently, there is still room to add some remote workers.

Although Americans will now need a visa simply to enter Brazil, that hasn’t stopped this huge city from being in the top 5 places for digital nomads in South America.

Just over 4,300 digital nomad posts were confirmed in the study.

sao paulo skyline

3 – Medellin, Colombia

Medellín is among the most visited cities in Colombia by American travelers and the main Colombian destination for digital nomads.

In fact, it crushed pre-pandemic tourism numbers in huge numbers! With lovely weather and a low cost of living, this historic city is perfect for embracing those who work from their laptops.

This study confirmed 5,100 posts by digital nomads in Medellín.

medellin from above

2 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When travelers think of Brazil, Rio is probably the first thing that comes to mind. This sprawling city with popular beaches and world famous festivals such as Carnival, this amazing city has something for everyone.

For digital nomads, it’s the rich culture, warm climate, and low cost of living. Not surprisingly, this study verified just under 7,500 posts by digital nomads.

view of rio de janeiro

1 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina has been a hotspot for American tourists this year, but more particularly, the number one place for digital nomads in South America.

As one of the safest destinations in South America, digital nomads feel comfortable calling this immaculate city home all day and night.

There are tons of cultural attractions to keep you busy during off hours, and it’s a gateway to more of Argentina’s natural wonders.

Buenos Aires has really embraced the wave of digital nomads. Those arriving at the main airport on a digital nomad visa can pick up a welcome pack with a SIM card and hotel discounts.

More than 9,400 posts were verified with #digitalnomad in Buenos Aires.

colorful square in the city of buenos aires

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