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These 3 Popular Beach Destinations in Mexico Are Increasing Security Presence to Protect Tourists


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Mexico continues to be a mega-popular destination, particularly for American travelers this summer. It is always wise to check the latest travel advisories before you pack up and board your flight.

While travel to Mexico’s beach destinations hasn’t slowed down at all, local officials in 3 of the most popular beach towns are ramping up their security presence.

Crime is always a complicated subject because no one knows when or what will happen. It’s just a general consensus of what has happened. lately.

Playa del Carmen coast

Unfortunately, certain crimes grab the headlines and can make a very safe place seem like a bad idea to visit, hurting local economies and depriving travelers of wonderful experiences.

The last thing a country that thrives on tourism would want is a bad image to discourage tourists from spending their money.

While most would say that Mexico is generally safe to visit in many areas, the country isn’t risking upsetting that narrative.

Mexico is increasing security forces in these 3 beach destinations to protect tourists:

Carmen beach

Municipal President Campos Miranda takes measures to protect tourists in Playa del Carmen. Not only will 20 elements be added to the current forces, but he also wants the Navy to create a stronger presence.

Playa del Carmen tourist area

This has happened once before, but the state of Quintana Roo annulled the use of strong weapons by the military.

What is different now is that more tourist areas are seeing an increase in crime, which not only makes tourists uneasy but has sadly also been fatal on rare occasions.

It’s the classic “wrong place, wrong time” situation. According to Governor Lezama, head of the state of Quintana Roo, a tiny percentage of tourists are actually victims.

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Crowded beach in Playa del Carmen

The National Guard was deployed to Playa del Carmen during an earlier crime spree but has since left, but they are wanted back.

Whatever happens in the near future, tourists should know that visiting Playa del Carmen may look a little different with Navy ships in the background, more security officers, and the National Guard on patrol.


Cabo is no stranger to adding security personnel to keep tourists safe. this is one of most popular holiday destinations in North America, after all.

the arch in cape

Crime goes up and down, but Cabo is well positioned to maintain its positive reputation. The summer season is here, which means travelers are itching for some beach time!

Cabo constantly assigns security forces to ensure the safety of tourists, especially during a rush of travel like the one Mexico is experiencing right now.

That’s why two dozen police officers are currently being trained and prepared to keep Cabo as safe as it normally is.

One of the reasons that Cabo is generally safe to visit is simply the geography. It is at the southernmost point of Baja California, separated from mainland Mexico by the Gulf of California.

panoramic view of Cabo from the restaurant patio

So this region already had an advantage compared to other Mexican hot spots. However, there are certain neighborhoods in Cabo that are not recommended for visitors:

  • Santa Rosa
  • the palms
  • The crabs


Cancun continues to be a top destination for Western tourists, with Americans and Canadians flocking to it year-round.

aerial view of the resorts of Cancun

Those who haven’t been to this wildly popular beach getaway are probably picturing amazing resorts and azure waters.

These expectations are very true, but you could also see a strong police and military presence roaming the streets in and around the tourist area.

Cancun is one of Mexico’s most prized possessions, so any bad word that leaks out can cause harm. Tourists in Cancun should feel safe knowing that they are priority 1 here in terms of security.

It is estimated that approximately 100 new officers are being trained to continue keeping tourists safe. But the goal is 100 additional officers, according to the municipal president, Ana Patricia Peralta.

lounging in the resort pool in Cancun

Cancun is not known for being a city with high crime rates, but sometimes tourists can find themselves caught in the crosshairs of a bad situation.

More often than not, violent crime stays outside the hotel zone, away from popular tourist attractions. With a higher-than-usual police presence expected, the likelihood of serious criminal acts should decrease further.

Tourists might also notice an increase in security cameras, drones, and watchtowers throughout the city later this summer.

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