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These 4 Underrated European Destinations Will Make You Want To Skip The Med This Year


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Mediterranean Europe seems to be on everyone’s radar this year.

Whether seeking the golden sands of Cyprus, the pastel Ligurian cities of Italy, or the cinematic vibes of the Côte d’Azur, the entire region will be buzzing with visitors looking to live out their southern European fantasy.

If you are like us, and you are not only wary of crowds, but also running away Of them, avoiding the Mediterranean is your best bet for an idyllic, stress-free vacation. this summer.

people on the beach in spain

Lucky for you, European summers don’t necessarily have to be synonymous with a traditional beach vacation.

These 4 alternative destinations outside the Mediterranean full of charmThey have an amazing story and will give you the summer vibes you crave:

Donostia-San Sebastián, Basque Country (Spain)

Straddling the Bay of Biscay in northern Spain, more specifically, the autonomous Basque Country, San Sebastián is a Trendy resort town highly sought after for its laid-back seaside vibepristine beaches and world-class ethnic cuisine.

People walking along the promenade of Donostia, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

Alternatively called Donostia in Basque, a separate language from Castilian (Spanish), it is simply the perfect setting for a European getaway, with its lively seafront promenade, traditional old town dotted with 15th and 16th century monuments and open-air markets where fresh products are sold. Seafood and local products are sold.

If you are ever in Donostia/San Sebastián, go eat something at a appetizers snack bar is a must: they can be found all over the Old partmore reasonably priced compared to other upmarket restaurants, and easily recognizable by the Spanish food rows ham hanging from the ceiling.

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Customers being served pintxos at a bar in Donostia, San Sebastian, Spain

Sitting in the open-air area of ​​a snack bar facing the sea, savoring some ham and washing it down with red of summer while people watching Basque Bajo el sol, pun intended, is the quintessential Spanish summer experience you’ve been wanting.

Ohrid, North Macedonia

One of the hidden gems of the Balkan Peninsula, North Macedonia (NM) is a country formed after the breakup of Yugoslavia that is somehow not getting the flowers it deserves, unlike its sister nations of Croatia and Montenegro.

Church of Saint John in Kaneo in Ohrid, overlooking Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia

This is largely due to the fact that NM has no coast on the Adriatic, and therefore tends to be overlooked by most sun seekers who often forget that there is more to a summer vacation than just beaches. That’s not to say that Macedonia doesn’t have some beautiful swimming spots.

In fact, one of the largest freshwater lakes in Europe lies within the country’s territorial limits: with its old historic cities interspersed with sandbanks, Lake Ohrid is among the most picturesque destinations on the continent..

brick building in the mediterranean

Lemon ice cream in hand, as you stroll through the cobbled streets of Ohrid, the city of the same name and the largest and most important settlement in the province, you’ll be treated to views of whitewashed houses and an imposing castle overlooking the lake as the sun caresses its gentle waves. .

Once you tire of exploring the winding alleys and ancient monuments of the Old Town, a day at the beach awaits you at Nemo Beach, a stretch of gray sand on the shores of the crystal-clear lake, where you can cool off from the dry heat. for a refreshing dip.

Pretty soon, you’ll start to wonder why Lake Como gets all the fame while Ohrid is pretty much forgotten.


The Bailiwick of Jersey, Channel Islands

The most famous of the Channel Islands, a cluster of offshore settlements that lie between France and Great Britain, Jersey is notoriously known for its Franco-British heritagewell-preserved medieval castles and wonderful beaches.

The compact and incredibly charming capital of Saint Helier, home to just 35,000 people, is a hidden European gem still largely overlooked by most Instagrammers, with its old harbor lined with fishing boats and yachts and winding streets that make the perfect postcard.

Medieval castle overlooking the bailiffs of Jersey, an island in the Channel Islands

Away from the city, tourists will find a plethora of lesser-known attractions, including Mont Orgueil castle, perched on a hill facing the Channel, the sandy bay of St. Brelade, a bathing spot in the hottest months of the summer, when the waters are pleasant enough. swimming pools and World War II tunnels built by the German invaders.

Whether you’re visiting from France or Great Britain, Jersey iIt is one of the Channel Islands that is easier to get toFerry service is frequent between Saint Helier and the European mainland, or the French island of Saint Malo, as well as Poole and Portsmouth, two national ports in the United Kingdom.

Portelet Bay in the Jersey Bailiff, Channel Islands

Aveiro, Portugal

Aveiro has been named one of the top sunny destinations for budget travelers for a reason: being much more affordable than its Iberian counterparts in Spain and enjoying great weather year-round, it’s no wonder it’s gaining so much traction lately. .

Nicknamed the Portuguese Venice, it is crisscrossed with picturesque canals lined with gondola-style boats and flanked by vibrant colored buildings that will make you feel like you are somewhere in the Caribbean, or Brazil, the offspring of Portugal.

The colorful traditional gondolas of Aveiro, a Venetian-style city in northern Portugal, Iberia, southern Europe

With only 80,000 inhabitants and no international airport, Aveiro is much quieter than the much busier port cities of Lisbon.the capital, and Porto, the largest urban agglomeration in the north of the country, although it is an hour’s drive from the latter and, therefore, from an important international airport.

While all the beach bums flock to the Algarve, and first-time visitors restrict their movement to the rail links connecting Lisbon and Porto, by visiting Aveiro, you can marvel at this small town’s Art Deco heritage and take a tour through the channels without worrying about long lines. , or groups of tourists photobombing you.

Traditional gondolas of Aveiro, a city in Portugal known as the Portuguese Venice, Portugal, Iberian Peninsula, Europe

Just be sure to wear sunscreen and hats, as the Portuguese sun can be quite unforgiving in July.

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