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These 5 European cities have the cheapest hotels this summer


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As we enter the summer months and peak travel season, many travelers heading to Europe are finding prices sell out.

Growing demand from tourists from around the world means airfares and accommodation are higher than normal, with some studies which indicates that prices have risen more than 30%.

A view of Lisbon Portugal in the summer

While there are still some deals to be found on flights, as Travel Off Path reported last month, many travelers are looking for destinations with affordable hotel options.

Fittingly, a recent study of the UK Post Office unearthed prices for common travel costs in 35 popular cities across Europe, including accommodation, dining, and cultural attractions.

By traveling to cities with lower-priced accommodation, tourists will have more money in their pockets for activities, dining out, or extending their stay a few more days.

The study is also useful for travelers because it discovered the European cities with the highest hotel rates.

Budget-conscious tourists might want to consider avoiding the more expensive destinations and instead visiting a city that has lower hotel prices.

a steep street in the odl city Athens, Greece

Hotel prices are cheaper in these European destinations

Budget-conscious travelers have plenty of options for affordable European destinations. The following cities offer travelers the cheapest lodging options this summer:

1. Lisbon, Portugal – $75 per night

Lisbon is not only the cheapest option for accommodation, but the Portuguese capital also tops the list of destinations with the best value for money.

Typical costs include $2.79 for a beer, $1.67 for a cup of coffee, and just $48 for a 3-course dinner and wine for 2.

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Coffee and pastries overlook the city of Lisbon, Portugal in Europe

2. Athens, Greece – $79 per night

In Athens, visitors can also expect affordable food prices. For example, a 3-course dinner, including wine, for 2 people costs $50. And we all know that Athens has some of the best food in Europe!

A busy street of outdoor restaurants in Athens Greece

3. Vilnius, Lithuania – $79 per night

Vilnius is an excellent choice for budget conscious travelers. Hotel prices are not only among the lowest in Europe, but the city is also in the top 5 for cheapest food and most affordable cultural attractions. Admission to the city’s main museum is just $10.60 and a 48-hour transit card is less than $9.

Hot air balloons rise above Vilinus Lithuania

4. Krakow, Poland – $80 per night

In the survey, Krakow was ranked third when it came to overall value. Visitors can buy a cup of coffee for $3, a bottle of beer for $3.30 and use unlimited public transportation for 2 days for just $8.80.

Add to that the fact that admission to Krakow’s main museum is just $7, and you can see why this city in southern Poland is a great option for an affordable vacation.

Young tourist with camera and backpack photographing the Cloth Hall in the Old Town of Krakow (1)

5. Riga, Latvia – $91 per night

Riga is the city with the 5he best overall value. This summer, tourists can expect to pay just $91 a night for a 3-star hotel room this summer.

Other metrics that make Riga an affordable option include the price of a cup of coffee, which typically costs just over $3, while a bottle of beer is more expensive at $5. Conveniently, Riga’s public transport offers affordable 2-day passes at just $8.90.

Town Hall Square with the House of Blackheads and St. Peter's Church in the Old Town of Riga at a spectacular sunrise, Latvia

European cities with the highest accommodation prices

According to the UK Post Office, prices in 27 of the 35 destinations included in the survey have increased by more than 50%.

To determine the ranking, they found 10 of the lowest-priced 3-star accommodations in each city center over two weekend nights in June and averaged the costs. These 5 cities were determined to have the most expensive options:

an aerial photograph of massive crowds of tourists along the canals of Amsterdam.  The boats can be seen in the canals.
  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands – $324 per night
  2. Venice, Italy – $300 per night
  3. Dublin, Ireland – $277 per night
  4. Florence, Italy – $248 per night
  5. Belfast, Northern Ireland – $242 per night

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