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These 6 Amazing European Cities Are Trending On TikTok Right Now


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Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the impact social media has on nearly every aspect of our lives today.

One area that has seen a massive impact from social media is travel, with apps like Instagram and TikTok shaping the way many of us travel, for better or worse.

traveler and tourist girl walks in the center of old Lyon and enjoys the view of the Eglise Saint Georges church on the banks of the Saone river

With over a billion active users, TikTok is influential to many people, influencing their decisions about where to travel, how they travel, and what they do once they arrive.

A new study found the most popular European cities on TikTok right now, using data from April 2023. With rankings based on the number of views tagged with each of the city names, vacation portal Public holiday has compiled the top 10 European cities that are currently popular on TikTok.

City residents and tourists relax at cafe on a street in Bordeaux, France

Using a view-per-capita formula, the cities have been chosen from over 300 European locations and while some of them are classic favourites, there are some surprising winners as well.

The top two spots go to the popular cities of Barcelona and Paris, respectively, but let’s take a look at some of the less mainstream winners that ranked as the most loved European cities on TikTok right now.

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Douro river and traditional boats in Porto, Portugal

These 6 amazing European cities are trending on TikTok right now:

Manchester, United Kingdom

With 18,387 TikTok views per inhabitant and 10,100,000,000 total TikTok views, England’s third-largest city is winning over social media users with its seamless backdrop of old and new.

Manchester has many fans in part because of its music scene, as well as its distinctive districts like Chinatown and the Northern Quarter. Being home to not one but two of the biggest football clubs in the country doesn’t hurt its reputation on the street either.

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Lyons, France

This underrated city is the perfect alternative to visit overcrowded Paris this summer, and with 18,119 TikTok views per inhabitant and 9,300,000,000 total views, it’s clear that this beautiful destination is popular both online and offline. Some famous settings to take in the views include the old town of Vieux Lyon and the bustling square of Place des Terreaux.

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Stuttgart, Germany

This favorite city of Germans has 14,540 views per inhabitant and 9,200,000,000 TikTok views in total, making it the fifth most popular European city on TikTok right now. So what is there to love about Stuttgart?

Rather, what is No love? From the nightlife scene to diverse cultures to a world-class dining scene, there’s a lot going on in this German city to up your online content game.

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Porto, Portugal

The second largest city in Portugal is by no means the second best, at least according to social media. Porto has 14,021 TikTok views per inhabitant and 3,500,000,000 views in total. With a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the center of the historic district, Porto offers great inspiration for your TikTok game.

From the colorful buildings to the iconic Dom Luis Bridge spanning the Douro River, there are endless creative angles to find here to get some likes and boost your social media feed.

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Marseille, France

Coming in at number 8 out of the 10 most popular European cities on the TikTok chart is the southern French coastal city of Marseille, with 10,677 TikTok views per inhabitant and 9,200,000,000 views overall.

Ranked as one of the most affordable destinations in France, this city wins over people with its long coastline and mix of French and African cultures, not to mention its surplus of old industrial spaces that are being transformed into new, modern hotspots. , which can provide some great backgrounds for your content.

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Bordeaux, France

With 10,412 visits per inhabitant and 2,600,000,000 visits in total is another French city, the vibrant Bordeaux.

Ranked #10 on the list of the trendiest European cities on TikTok right now, Bordeaux is popular for its history, sand dunes, museums, and of course, wine. So raise a glass to this cultural hotspot to close out the list in style.

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Here is the list of the 10 most popular European cities on TikTok right now in full:

  1. Barcelona – 65,461 TikTok views per inhabitant
  2. Paris – 29,368 TikTok views per inhabitant
  3. Manchester – 18,387 TikTok views per inhabitant
  4. lyons – 18,119 TikTok views per inhabitant
  5. stuttgart – 14,540 TikTok views per inhabitant
  6. Port – 14,021 TikTok views per inhabitant
  7. Amsterdam – 12,047 TikTok views per inhabitant
  8. Marseilles – 10,677 TikTok views per inhabitant
  9. Dublin – 10,614 TikTok views per inhabitant
  10. Bordeaux – 10,412 TikTok views per inhabitant

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