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These Are 7 Things You Should Never Do On A Plane According To Flight Attendants


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Air travel can save a lot of time and get travelers to the most amazing destinations around the world in a matter of hours.

However, not all air travel experiences are pleasant, and sometimes your cabin can turn into a real nightmare.

flight attendant on a plane

From uncomfortable seats to annoying neighbors to unpleasant odors, the experience of air travel can affect your vacation in many ways.

And there are constantly new debates surrounding inappropriate passenger behavior and airplane etiquette.

The most recent viral airplane experience Shared on Reddit: A couple changing a baby’s stinky diaper in the food tray.

Multiple social media users reacted and shared their thoughts, but of course the wisest words are shared by the flight attendants.

Flight attendants have recently shared valuable tips and information through multiple portals, and here are the 7 things you should never do on a plane:

Eating gas-inducing foods

Travelers must carefully choose what they will eat before and during the flight.

Every body is different, but air pressure can make passengers’ stomachs more sensitive. Know which products can upset your stomach.

uncomfortable passenger with stomach ache

Having a bloated stomach during a flight can be a very uncomfortable situation, and it could also ruin your neighbor’s travel experience.

Passengers who eat strong-smelling food are also among the most upset on flights, according to reports.

And think twice before buying carbonated drinks. A soda or beer will taste good, but it can also leave you gassy and bloated.

Using the phone in speakerphone mode

Bring your headphones! You should be the only one listening to your Facetime conversation or Instagram video. No one else wants to hear what you’re playing on your phone, don’t use speakerphone mode.

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woman resting with headphones in airplane cabin

Stewardess Kristie Koerbel shared with the New York Times Another perk of bringing your own headphones: It’s a great strategy for ending a conversation with an extra chatty seatmate.

Do you have noise canceling headphones? Even better! You have the opportunity to reduce the noise and silence the crying of babies.

Take off shoes and socks

It is a classic. There are many videos on social media channels showing that many people take off their shoes and socks on airplanes. And it may not be a good idea.

woman on the plane without shoes

Travelers shouldn’t walk barefoot in the aisle, as it’s probably dirtier than it looks, and the odor from your feet will remain trapped in the cabin.

not using the bathroom properly

In addition to changing diapers in the bathroom and not on the seats like the parents did in the viral story, passengers should never forget to flush after using the toilet.

He is rude to other passengers, and the odors intensify when the toilet is not kept as clean as possible.

Flight attendant helping passenger in cabin

If you don’t see the download button, take a closer look because it’s always there. If you still don’t see it, call a flight attendant or ask for help.

Make people switch to worse seats

Another popular debate in 2023 with a viral TikTok video is about asking people to change seats.

The best strategy to avoid changing seats is to plan ahead and select seats together when flying with someone else or in a group.

Beautiful girl in glasses and hat with backpack smiling on the plane.

Travelers who pay for their seats always have priority, and making other passengers change their seats for the worst is rude.

Recline your seat…suddenly

It’s okay to recline your seat, but make sure you don’t spill the drink on the person in the back.

Koerbel mentioned that even laptops had been smashed by passengers who pushed back their seats abruptly. And certain cases even led to fistfights.

It only takes a few seconds to take a look and warn the other passenger.

Man reclining seat all the way in airplane

drink tap water

Flight attendants avoid tap water on airplanes, and you should too.

Studies have shown that commercial and popular airline aircraft tap water may contain E. coli and coliforms.

Always opt for bottled water.

Woman drinking water on plane

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