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These are 8 of the best cultural destinations in the world


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With tourism taking the world by storm again this year, there are many different segments to watch within the broader tourism industry.

Specific travel categories such as business, adventure, and luxury are growing by leaps and bounds, but there is another segment that has also seen a huge boom recently, which is cultural tourism.

Young woman enjoying beautiful riverside landscape view from tourist boat during sunset in Paris

Yes, cultural tourism is definitely hot this year, and some estimates indicate that the global cultural tourism market is estimated to increase by USD 6,600.71 million in the next 5 years.

While there’s no shortage of places to visit around the world to get your culture fix, some stand out more than others. According to a recent study, there are 35 places that stand above the rest to take the title of the best places to visit in cultural tourism.

She is ready was compiled by analyzing data from World Heritagea private community of travelers committed to visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites to preserve their importance.

The rankings are a good indicator of the top destinations with the largest general public for cultural tourism, as the number of World Heritage visitors to these sites helps gauge the popularity and impressions of the place.

Please note that the numbers you see reflect check-ins only by members of this group and do not reflect the millions of other tourists who visit these locations each year.

Here are 8 of the best cultural destinations in the world:

Beautiful view of Westminster Bridge and Big Ben with the Houses of Parliament

1. Paris, banks of the Seine

Seeing this French capital as the world’s top cultural destination should come as no surprise, as it is brimming with culture, history, beauty, and architecture.

The Seine River is especially beloved for its cultural influence and is a World Heritage Site having been visited by 1094 members of the World Heritage Site (WHS) community.

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A cruise on the Seine River

2. Rome

As one of the oldest cities in the world, it makes sense that Rome ranks high on the list of best cultural destinations.

With world-famous sites like the Colosseum, amphitheatres, the Pantheon, the Vatican, and many others, there is plenty of culture to experience in this stunning city.

This explains why WHS community members place it firmly in second place on this list, with 1052 visitors.

Rome Colosseum at sunrise


This area of ​​London is tucked into the River Thames, at a bend in the North Bank. Considered by many to be the best starting point for any visit to London, it is home to some of the city’s most iconic landmarks including Westminster Abbey, Parliament House and, of course, Big Ben.

As the seat of power in the UK and the central point of all the Royal Family’s social activities, there is more culture here than you can possibly experience in a single visit.

1,028 WHS visitors have come to Westminster to explore the diverse array of cultures that can be found here.

Westminster Abbey in London

4. Tower of London

1,022 members of the World Heritage site group have visited this iconic site in England’s busiest and most culturally-rich city.

As one of the oldest large cities in the world, there is no shortage of culture in London.

One of London’s world heritage sites, the Tower of London, is important for understanding the history of the city and the culture that shaped it.

tower of london with river

5. Amsterdam Canal Ring

939 WHS members have checked in to this culture-packed destination, and who can blame them?

Amsterdam is having a bit of a rebrand recently, and as it turns its back on its famous party scene, the culture that has always been here will likely take center stage.

Amsterdam canals with boats

6 Vienna

As the world center of both classical music and psychoanalysis, Vienna, the capital of Austria, is bursting with culture.

Come visit this beautiful and clean city and marvel at the architecture, the coffee culture, the museums and amusement parks. Vienna has been visited by 900 WHS members.

Statue of Archduke Charles and dome of the Natural History Museum, Vienna, Austria

7. Vatican City

With 888 visitors from the WHS community, this global center for the Catholic faith attracts many visitors who come for more than just religion.

As Rome’s most popular tourist attraction, many also come for the museums, art and culture.

Saint Peter's basilica and Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II bridge in Vatican, Rome.Italy

8. Venice and its lagoon

Its hundreds of canals, bridges, winding alleys, and gondolas make Venice a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The culture here flows around you and spills onto the balconies of the old buildings that line the canals.

No wonder 886 members of the World Heritage community have visited this destination.

boat passing under the bridge in the canal of venice italy

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