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These are the 10 best coastal cities to visit in Europe according to a new report


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TO recent survey sent out to 3,500 travelers ranking Europe’s coastal destinations based on various factors people look for when traveling. How do you decide where to travel?

Affordability, safety, tourist attractions, friendliness of the locals – these are just some of the factors considered.

Some cities on the list below are more well-known destinations, while others are more hidden places that aren’t as frequented by tourists.

If it’s sun, sand and water views you’re looking for, these are the The 10 best coastal cities to visit in Europe!

These are the 10 best coastal cities to visit in Europe according to a new report

Valencia Spain

There is no surprise here; the beautiful city of Valencia was ranked #1 (ranking pretty high in terms of peace and quiet). On the southeast coast, Valencia is a center for the arts, with innovative structures spread throughout the city.

A quieter alternative to Barcelona or Madrid, Valencia offers a leisurely pace with plenty to do. With several beaches located nearby, there is something for everyone here.

Aerial view of the coast of Valencia Spain

Porto, Portugal

Although overrun with tourists this summer, Portugal still manages to score a prominent place here. While Porto still sees throngs of tourists in its peak season, it’s still much quieter than Lisbon.

With a slightly cooler climate, acting as a travel gateway, and being much more affordable, it’s no surprise that Porto comes in second here. Known for its amazing food scene, Porto is an ideal hub if you want to explore the smaller towns along the Portuguese coast.

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Douro river and traditional boats in Porto, Portugal

Venice Italy

We are all drawn to Venice for its fresh pasta and winding canals. Undoubtedly the busiest place, Venice remains very popular with tourists throughout the year.

Surrounded by Gothic palaces and narrow bridges, it’s tempting to book a flight just for a gondola ride down the flowing canals.

Venice is also a prime location for venturing to other parts of Italy, with its easy access to public transportation.

Gondola pictured before the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

Tavira, Portugal

A small town along the Algarve coast, Tavira is a lesser-known place: that’s what we want! If you are an avid bird watcher, this is your place.

The calm and serene beaches are the perfect resting spots for flamingos and spoonbills.

Close to Faro, it is easy to travel here by car or local bus.

tavira portugal beach town

Pollensa, Majorca, Spain

In the northern part of Mallorca, Pollença is a seaside town with a wonderful serenity about it.

An ancient city of European squares and narrow streets, it is a lesser-known place for those looking for a bit of rest and relaxation.

Pollença is known for its brick-lined streets, quirky architecture, and tree-lined alleyways.

blue sea and cove of mallorca spain

Chania town, Crete, Greece

We all look for the best places in Greece with fewer tourists and, although it sometimes seems impossible, there are quieter areas to enjoy the natural wonders of the country.

On the island of Crete, Chania is known for its Venetian port and Cretan cuisine. With a sea of ​​colorful houses and blooming flowers, the city is an idyllic escape from the Greek crowds.

khania greece

Rhodes, Greece

When we think of Greek islands, we think of the most popular ones: Santorini and Mykonos. But what about Rhodes? Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands, offers sandy beaches, a charming old town, and fewer crowds.

Most of the beaches here form bay areas, enclosed by the surrounding rugged mountains. The crystal clear waters are perfect for a summer dip.

rhodes greece

Syracuse, Sicily, Italy

Known for its ancient ruins and its Roman amphitheatre, Syracuse is located along the Ionian coast of Sicily. If you enjoy history, culture, and fresh seafood dishes, visit this charming city.

Walk through the winding streets and admire the picturesque houses.

Syracuse is lesser known by most travelers to Italy, making it an ideal place to explore its many beach corners.

syracuse italy

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Rolling in at number 9 is Barcelona! If you want peace and quiet, this is not necessarily your place.

But what Barcelona does have are lively bars, a vibrant city center and a wide variety of beaches to choose from.

A diverse city filled with tiled buildings, impressive churches, and crowded beaches, the hordes flock to Barcelona every summer, and for good reason.

people on the beach of barcelona

Lisbon Portugal

Portugal’s coastal capital, Lisbon, sits proudly at number 10. Pastel buildings and a convenient train system make this beautiful city a year-round favorite for tourists.

Lisbon is intriguing because you can experience both the atmosphere of the city and the tranquility of the coastal beaches.

It is also a central hub for traveling around the rest of the country.

A view of Lisbon Portugal in the summer

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