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These are the 4 best beach destinations in Turkey for digital nomads right now


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Turkey has exploded in popularity with tourists and digital nomads in the last 2 years, and it’s easy to see why.

Warm hospitality, low cost of living, easy 90-day e-Visas, and vibrant café culture make this country ideal for remote workers.

Istanbul is understandably the most popular destination, offering the best of Europe and Asia along with the infrastructure of the capital city.

But these days, many digital nomads are ditching the capital city for sunny beach destinations.

The « Turkish Riviera » stretches nearly 400 picturesque miles from the Aegean coast to the Mediterranean. It is home to countless beach destinations with the work-life balance by the sea that many nomads seek.

Girl in Fethiye, Türkiye with backpack.  Digital nomad concept

Here are the top four beach destinations in Turkey for digital nomads right now:


Izmir’s crystal clear waters and relaxed pace of life make it an attractive alternative to popular Istanbul. Digital nomads flock to Izmir because they can forgo the crowds of the capital without giving up big-city infrastructure or bustling cafe culture.

Some digital nomads are surprised to find a robust remote work infrastructure beneath the bohemian surface of the seaside town.

Internet speeds average over 35mbps. Free Wi-Fi is widely available throughout the city; in fact, there are more than 7,200 free Internet connections in Izmir.

The most popular coworking option is WithCo, a sprawling complex with every amenity you can imagine, from nap rooms to yoga studios for just $4 a day or $60 a month. For long-term digital nomads looking to build a community in Izmir, the Originn creative hub is a great coworking option.

izmir Türkiye konak clocktower illuminated at night
  • Hoi coffee and plants – This modern space is filled with greenery and sturdy work desks, with the added bonus of being pet-friendly.
  • Coffee Scholarship – A light and airy cafe with strong wifi and plenty of seating, including patio plugs at almost every table.
  • ocular opiate – Come with your devices preloaded to enjoy the ocean view and hipster vibes.
  • chaplin coffee – This chain is packed with Turkish remote workers and students every day, so you and your laptop will have company.
  • Maia cafeteria – It pays to get there early to enjoy some of the limited seats.

Izmir work friendly cafeteria game is giving Istanbul a run for its money. Favorites include:

Izmir is generally walkable, though hilly. The city’s clean, modern and spacious tram system and various buses will easily carry nomads around the city.

But moving around Izmir is not boring. Most of the tram line offers sea views, while scenic ferries take travelers across the Aegean. A free historic elevator on quirky Calle Dario Moreno will save visitors a few steps while offering an upward view of the sea (and some weird Italian elevator music).

When the work week is over, digital nomads can take a weekend getaway to the quaint seaside town of Çesme, explore the archaeological site of Ephesus, or take a dip in the famous Pamukkale water terraces.

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promenade and pier in Izmir, Türkiye with fishermen at sunset


Bursa used to be the most underrated big city in Türkiye. Today, digital nomads are realizing the well-kept secret of Bursa’s beauty.

Turkey’s fourth-largest city features stunning Ottoman architecture, super-clean streets, and modern remote-work infrastructure.

Coworking spaces like The Workery and Worqzone offer great nomadic services in laid-back, modern settings. You’ll also find plenty of local and international remote workers on their laptops at the Good Call Cafe.

Digital nomads will have no problem staying connected in Bursa. Internet speeds average 32 mbps and there are 5,700 free Wi-Fi connections available throughout the city.

fountain of the great mosque in bursa Türkiye

Nomads looking for an authentic taste of Turkish culture and daily life will find a perfect spot in Bursa. While the city is not primarily known as a beach town, the region’s diverse terrain includes mountains and beaches along the Sea of ​​Marmara.

The pebble beaches in Güzelyalı and Mudanya have crystal clear waters and very few people and are only 30 minutes from the city center. You can take the 1/M or 1/GY buses to the beach for less than a dollar or a taxi for around $15.

In fact, you are likely to receive an introduction to these beaches upon arrival in Bursa. The easiest way to get to Bursa is by a speed shuttle from istanbul

the young bursa turkey by the sea


This underrated coastal destination is perfect for digital nomads who like stunning views to work and adventurous weekends in nature (and don’t mind a few hills).

When they close their laptops, digital nomads can bask in the turquoise waters of Ölüdeniz Tabiat Park’s blue lagoon, head out into the pristine nature of Kabak Valley, or take a water taxi to Calis Beach. The town is also a major center for paragliding and a famous stop for hikes along the Lycian Trail.

While there are luxury vacation destinations nearby, the city itself isn’t packed with resorts like Antalya or Bodrum. Fethiye is more like her laid back cousin.

Wi-Fi speeds in Fethiye are slightly slower and less stable than larger coastal towns, but still average around 20mbps.

However, digital nomads should not worry too much about the Internet. Coworking spaces like Lokal, Hipokampüs, and Study Cafe are as well-equipped as they are popular. The city is also home to dozens of modern laptop-friendly cafes, such as Köşe Kahve and Cofhilus Coffee House.

fethiye Türkiye beach with boat


With the infrastructure of a big city, stunning beaches, and a fascinating history, why wouldn’t Antalya be the number one choice for digital nomads?

Well, it is one of the most popular destinations in Türkiye. The peak of summer can be unbearable, with temperatures rising to 40 degrees Celsius (>104° F). Tourists jump into the sea to beat the heat, while locals take refuge in cooler mountain houses.

Antalya is also one of the most touristy cities, thanks to its sprawling resort complexes that stretch from the city along the regional coastline. Beyond the beaches, travelers also come to Antalya for its ancient ruins, historic old town, and impressive forts and castles.

The Mediterranean Gardens of Antalya facing the sea, Eastern Mediterranean, Türkiye

If you can handle the heat or travel in the off-season, Antalya is an amazing choice. It is a truly international city with an active global community and plenty of digital nomads to join.

It’s easy for digital nomads to stay connected and productive in Antalya. Internet speeds in Antalya average 30 mbps. There are 4,400 free Wi-Fi connections throughout the city.

Digital nomads can get their work done in a handful of top-tier coworking spaces for less than $10 a day or $80 a month, including Work C, CreaWork, and community-focused Coworking Antalya.

The city also boasts hundreds of trendy cafes filled with remote workers, including The Sudd, Cozy Coffee House, Palmenhaus, and Poe Coffee House.


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