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These are the 5 safest countries in the world to visit right now


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When planning your next vacation, there is nothing more important than knowing that the country you are visiting is safe.

This is particularly true if you are traveling alone. This is because solo travelers often feel more vulnerable and security conscious when traveling the world.

Those hoping to travel to the safest possible destinations often look to the Global Peace Index for inspiration, where you can find the 5 safest countries to visit right now.

woman stroking horse in vienna

The Global Peace Index is an annual ranking of the safest countries in the world, organized by the Institute for Economics and Peace. The 2023 list has just been released.

In creating these rankings, the index looks at three main factors:

  • The level of security and protection of society
  • The scope of the ongoing national and international conflict
  • The degree of militarization

Wondering where the US landed on the list? Lower than might be expected, as the 131street safest country in the world.

A hiker in an orange windbreaker on top of a mountain in New Zealand

So where are the safest countries in the world right now? These are the 5 main destinations:


Iceland has retained its place as the most peaceful country in the world for the past 15he running year.

In fact, Iceland is so safe that, in addition to securing first place for being the most peaceful country overall, Iceland also secured first place in all three individual categories of security, ongoing conflict, and militarization.

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Blue Lagoon thermal spa in Iceland.

Crime rates in Iceland are low, there is no military in the country, and the police do not carry weapons.

Apart from being incredibly safe, Iceland is also a beautiful country that welcomes tourists from all over the world.

People often think of Iceland, often known as the land of fire and ice, as a winter vacation destination, but summer is a great time to visit Iceland.

Long daylight hours and warmer weather make it the perfect time for outdoor activities.


Trading places with Ireland, security in Denmark has increased, taking it out of the top 3rd at 2North Dakota safest country in the world.

It’s no surprise that 2 of the 5 countries on this list are in Scandinavia, which has a reputation for tolerance and low crime rates.

denmark copenhagen boat canal

What makes Denmark so unique is the high levels of social trust that its people demonstrate. Danes trust their government and each other, and for good reason: Denmark is one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

While Denmark is historically considered an expensive country to visit, and prices will certainly be higher here than in southern Europe, it’s still one of the most affordable Scandinavian countries, making it a great alternative to Norway or Sweden if have a budget.


Europe remains the most peaceful region in the world and is home to 7 of the 10 most peaceful countries. Ireland remains in the top three of this enviable list.

Crime rates in Ireland are very low. And any crime that occurs is largely driven by drug and alcohol misuse.

This means it’s safe to enjoy a Guinness or two, but you shouldn’t drink so much that you’re unaware of your surroundings while in Ireland at night.

tourists and shoppers walk down a pedestrian street in Dublin

You will be enchanted by the famous Irish charm of many of Ireland’s cities and can enjoy traveling here without worrying about being a victim of crime.

While American travelers are advised to take the usual safety precautions, homicide and sexual violence rates here are among the lowest in Europe and the world.

New Zealand

New Zealand has risen four places in the ranking, from being 8he safest country in the world at 4he.

It is also the only country outside of Europe to make the top 5 list.

Tourist sitting in New Zealand overlooking a volcano

New Zealand is a popular destination for backpackers and budget travelers, who often choose to travel alone, so its excellent safety record is sure to be reassuring.

New Zealanders are very social and violent crime rates are low in the country. Tourists should be aware that street crime can occur in larger towns and cities, so be careful when walking at night.


Completing the list is Austria, which ranks 5thhe safest country in the world right now.

Austria has incredibly low crime rates. In fact, violent crime is almost non-existent in the country and never affects tourists.

Hallstatt, a small alpine village in Austria seen at dusk, Austria

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the usual safety precautions. The most common crimes here are petty theft, bike theft, and ATM scams, all of which can negatively affect tourists.

There are many remote and beautiful parts of Austria that tourists enjoy visiting to get off the beaten path.

This is perfectly safe and a lot of fun. Just be aware of your surroundings, especially when traveling at night.

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