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These are the 7 most popular destinations in Canada this summer according to Airbnb


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Canada offers unique, life-changing experiences for locals and international travelers alike, from majestic mountains to enchanting lakes and exciting wildlife sightings, as well as vibrant multicultural cities and impressive buildings.

But, what are the most interesting destinations for travelers this summer 2023? A new study has the answer.

a recent Airbnb rideshare trend analysis shows the most popular destinations in canada according to recent user research.

Ferry and white sailboat in the Bay of Quinte, Prince Edward County

For the study, Airbnb experts considered search data entered by Canadian travelers during the first months of 2023 for stays with check-in dates from June 30 to July 4.

Locals are not always interested in the top destinations for international travelers – we already noticed this with the top 7 destinations in Europe for locals – and in this case, the growth of searches in recent weeks can reveal fascinating information. for travelers.

These are the The 7 most popular destinations in Canada according to search data collected by Airbnb:

Prince Edward County, Ontario

The Canadian province of Ontario is undoubtedly one of the most interesting destinations for travelers in Canada, and Prince Edward County has been receiving a lot of attention in recent weeks.

Sand dunes meeting the blue water of Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County

In the heart of Ontario, this county is known for its vineyards and culinary experiences. Travelers enjoy wine tours and visits to historical sites and museums.

In addition, the sand dunes, one of the main natural attractions here since the early 1800’soffers travelers excellent Lake Ontario beach experiences and mesmerizing scenery.

Port Colborne, Ontario

The town of Port Colborne is perfect for boat watching and other great outdoor activities.

Its waterfront parks offer visitors incredible views of Lake Erie and great summer activities, from swimming and enjoying sandy beaches to walking trails and cool picnic spots. Perfect for the summer!

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Port Colborne Ontario Canada View of canal water with footbridge and flags

Kingston, Ont.

Also known as « Limestone City » for its fascinating 19th century buildings, this beautiful city on Lake Ontario has much to offer visitors during the summer.

From great outdoor experiences to connect with nature, like hiking, bird watching, or just walking along the Rideau Canal, to visiting fascinating historic buildings and joining the city’s big summer festivals and events.

busy street in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Calgary, Alberta

This cosmopolitan city has multiple activities, museums and places of interest that are worth visiting.

Also, Canada’s most popular national park is located in Alberta – Banff National Park, and it’s not too far from Calgary, just an hour and a half drive away, making it a great summer base.

Calgary offers entertainment for all ages and activities for all types of travelers, from city lovers to nature lovers.

Traveler admiring the view in Banff National Park

toronto ontario

Toronto is a favorite for international visitors to Canada and is also an attractive destination for many locals.

This vibrant metropolis boasts impressive buildings, beautiful parks, and endless experiences.

From skyscrapers to the CN Tower and a castle, as well as spectacular skylines, great restaurants and bars – there’s so much to see and do!

Plane flying over downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, view of the skyline from Lake Ontario

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Of course, Niagara Falls is still on the bucket list for many Canadians.

This world-famous waterfall attracts both local and international visitors each year, and this summer seems to be one of the most sought-after experiences for locals.

Canadians have been searching for Airbnb listings in this Canadian city, probably to make the most of the waterfall. Visitors can take a boat to the center of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, explore the tunnels behind the falls, and go zip-lining.

Beautiful Niagara Falls on a clear sunny day Niagara Canada

The city also offers fantastic museums, gardens, casinos and parks that are worth visiting.

Mississauga, Ont.

Canadians love Ontario and this city was also in the top 7 trendiest destinations!

Not far from Toronto, Mississauga also has incredible attractions and places to visit during the summer, from art galleries to beautiful squares, stunning parks and natural areas. It can also be a strategic location to explore other destinations in the country.

Teenage and young adult Eurasian sisters hiking in Mt. Seymour Provincial Park, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

In the Airbnb report, the other destinations in the top ten were Grand Bend, Ontario, Wasaga Beach, Ontario, and Edmonton, Alberta.

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