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These are the 8 safest Caribbean destinations for your next beach vacation


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It’s what we all dream of in the last few minutes before 5pm in a midweek slog: a vacation in the Caribbean.

Crystal clear waters, soft white sand and a tropical drink in hand under the shade of a palm tree. There is nothing better than this, right?

unfortunately recent peaks in crime and government travel advisories for longtime Caribbean favorites make some travelers think twice before booking a trip to paradise.

In reality, there are many incredibly safe countries in the Caribbean where even the most security-conscious travelers can enjoy true peace of mind.

woman on a beach

These serene beach destinations have lower crime rates than most American or European cities. The US Department of State also labels them as a Level 1 travel alert status, which means they have the lowest risk of security issues in the world.

Here are the eight safest Caribbean destinations for your next beach vacation:

San Bartolome

Formally known as Saint Barthélemy, this French-speaking island is a magnet for high-end travelers and big spenders.

While it’s one of the safest and most beautiful gems in the Caribbean, it’s certainly not the most accessible for everyday travelers. Many visitors arrive by yacht or private plane. There are no direct flights from the US.

Travelers willing to spend time and money to get here won’t have to worry for a minute about their safety. The greatest danger to visitors on St. Barts is reportedly get too much sun

street.  barts yachts caribbean


Turquoise waters, top-notch security, and world-class local rum. What more can you ask for in a vacation?

Like its French-speaking brother St. Barts, Martinique is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean.

The « island of flowers » has something for every type of traveler, plus a bit of tranquility for everyone. The north side of the island offers lush emerald forests, while the south side is home to stunning sandy beaches.

Travelers looking for safety without compromising on unique cultural experiences need look no further. Martinique’s rich roots of mixed African, European, Asian and Caribbean heritage make it the perfect destination for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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Martinique blue water caribbean


This British Overseas Territory has a reputation for high-end services on a smaller scale than its neighbors. perhaps more importantAnguilla has consistently ranked among the lowest crime rates in the Caribbeanaccording to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Famous for its magnificent coral reefs, Anguilla is a favorite with divers and beach lovers year after year.

Palm trees on the Caribbean beach of Anguilla

British Virgin Islands

Well well. Listing a chain of almost 50 islands is something of a cheat. But it pays to change the rules of the British Virgin Islands.

Travelers can feel incredibly safe on the four main islands of Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, and Anegada. Whether you love snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, or sinking a few cold ones on a beachside dive, the British Virgin Islands has laid-back island life waiting for you.

Woman with yellow sarong a deserted tropical beach, Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands

Old and bearded

Would you prefer the 365 beaches of Antigua or the bird sanctuaries and pink shores of Barbuda? Either way, Antigua and Barbuda offers a safe and serene escape to the best that nature has to offer.

While crime rates here are incredibly low, some local experts suggest tourists watch their pockets and purses at St. John’s Heritage Quay, Redcliffe Quay, and Market Street.

Shirley Heights Antigua


Grenada is generally an amazingly safe Caribbean destination, with low crime rates and a stable society. Known for its underwater sculpture park, aromatic spices and delicious chocolate, Granada is a great getaway for most security-conscious tourists.

However, Grenada law prohibits same-sex relationships, making the island especially dangerous for LGBTQ+ travelers. While most resorts are generally safe havens and the laws have reportedly hasn’t really been implemented in recent years, it’s still a possibility that LQBTQ+ travelers should be aware of.

Female traveler on a sandy beach in Grenada, Caribbean


From pristine, unspoiled beaches to spectacular national parks, it’s safe to say that Aruba is a true slice of paradise.

There is virtually no risk of any serious crime in Aruba. This Caribbean island is not only one of the safest in the Caribbean but in the world.

At best, the miniscule possibility of petty theft, standard in all safe Caribbean countries, would encourage travelers to lock up their valuables in a hotel room rather than out in the open on the beach.

Aruba Hotel


If it’s good enough to Rihannait’s good enough for any of us.

Barbados is well-loved for its epic surfing, tropical beaches, and friendly people. Taste some delicious coconut bread or cool off with an ice cold Mauby drink made with local Mauby tree bark, orange zest and hot spices.

To be as safe as possible, travelers are advised to avoid Crab Hill, use caution on Nelson and Wellington Streets and the St. Lawrence Gap at night, and skip the evening booze cruises.

In general, visitors can enjoy Barbados with peace of mind and safety. Barbados, one of the safest countries in the Caribbean, has a low crime rate and a large police force for a small area. Tourists should feel safe in this top-notch security-focused destination.

barbados beach huts

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