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These are the airlines that have had the most flight cancellations this summer


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This summer has been a difficult one for air travel, with a large number of flight delays and cancellations.

The Federal Aviation Administration warned travelers to expect delays due to the continued shortage of air traffic controllers. Weather events and airline technical problems have caused more flight delays and cancellations so far this summer.

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Certain airports and airlines have had more delays and cancellations than others.

According data from forbesThese are the US airlines that have had the most recent flight cancellations, based on statistics for the first week of July.

The busy 4th of July travel week saw numerous delays and cancellations, with these airlines being the worst offenders:

Canceled flights

1. United Airlines

United Airlines is the airline with the worst cancellations this summer, with 671 (or 1.27%) of all flights canceled during the first week of July.

The airline’s CEO, Scott Kirby, has sparked anger over flying in a private jet when thousands of passengers were stranded due to cancellations. In an attempt to apologize for the collapse, United is offering 30,000 frequent flyer miles to passengers affected by the cancellations.

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2. Republic of the Airways

Another airline with many cancellations is Republic Airways. During the first week of July alone, Republic had 572 cancellations, or 3.01% of all flights.

Republic is a regional airline that operates American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express flights. It can be assumed that many of these cancellations were United Express flights, part of United’s larger collapse this summer.

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3. SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest is another regional contract carrier like Alaska SkyWest, American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express.

These flights also suffered heavy cancellations during the first week of July, with 312 total cancellations, affecting 0.71% of all scheduled flights. Again, the mix of these cancellations may lean more towards United Express flights, as United had the most cancellations so far this month.

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4. Southwest Airlines

The next step up for airlines with a lot of cancellations this summer is Southwest. This airline is still reeling from the hit to its reputation caused by a massive collapse over the holidays that caused thousands of flights to be canceled as holiday travelers tried to get home.

While things improved significantly this summer, Southwest still saw 248 flight cancellations through the first week of July (representing only 0.29% of all flights).

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5. Endeavor air

Finally on this list is Endeavor Air. Endeavor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines that exclusively operates Delta Connection flights.

While Delta has had very few flight cancellations, the regional Delta Connection flights operated by Endeavor Air have not fared as well. During the first week of July there were 233 cancellations, or 1.69% of all scheduled flights.

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How to avoid flight cancellations

Although there is no sure way to avoid flight cancellations, there are some things you can do to improve the chances that your next flight will not be cancelled.

flying in the morning It is one of the simplest tricks to avoid flight cancellations.

According to data from the US Department of Transportation86% of the flights that leave between 6 and 7 a.m. are on time, while only 66% of the flights that leave between 10 and 11 p.m. are on time.

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Just by flying earlier in the day, you’re much less likely to experience a delay or cancellation.

It’s also a good idea fly non-stop routes whenever possible instead of booking connecting flights. When your flight has multiple legs, you are more likely to be affected by a delay or cancellation.

Here are more tips to avoid flight delays and cancellations.

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