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These are the top 4 travel trends of 2023 according to a new study


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A new study has just revealed the biggest travel trends of the year so far.

According to Allianz Partners, a travel insurance company, these are the latest trends travelers are taking part in this year.

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The company has revealed its 15th Annual Vacation Confidence Index, which surveys thousands of Americans about their upcoming travel plans.

Here are the results from this year’s study, including the top four 2023 trends travelers are interested in right now.

1. Wellness and personal care trips

The biggest travel trend of the year is wellness and personal care travel. According to respondents, more than half of travelers (54%) in the 18-34 age group are interested in well-being and self-care while traveling, while 41% of travelers 35-35 54 years prioritize it.

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Wellness resorts and retreats focused on wellness activities like yoga are very popular this year. Within the United States, popular wellness destinations include Arizona, California, and Hawaii.

Travelers seek to relax, unwind and unwind on wellness and personal care vacations. These types of trips often emphasize spa treatments, wellness activities, and healthy eating. It’s about using your free time to focus on your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

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2. Payment-cations

Another of the great trends of the year is the “pay-cation”. Much like the concept of « bleisure » (mixing business and leisure), « payments » is a fairly new trend that was born out of the massive shift to remote work in recent years.

Now that many employees have unprecedented flexibility when it comes to full-time or part-time remote work, they’re making the most of that and traveling while they work.

According to the Vacation Confidence Index, 43% of Americans ages 18-34 are interested in taking a paying cation, while more than a quarter (26%) of travelers ages 35-54 They have it on their radar.

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Mexico is one of the most popular destinations to pay a cation due to its proximity to the US (and being in the same time zones), fast internet, and beautiful beaches.

3. Travel alone

Traveling solo is another travel trend that has been heating up. Gone are the days of putting off your dream trip because your partner, friends or family can’t make it. Travelers now put themselves first and travel alone.

Right now, 41% of travelers ages 18-34 said they plan a solo trip this year, while 31% of those ages 35-54 plan to travel solo.

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Solo female travel is a major trend, and now more female couples are traveling solo. Traveling alone can be an enriching and satisfying experience. Many travelers also enjoy the freedom and flexibility that traveling solo offers.

4. Traveling with pets

Finally, a major trend right now is traveling with pets. While in the past travelers would kennel their pets or hire a pet sitter, it is now becoming more common to travel with your furry friends

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Although it depends on the destination, many places, especially within the United States, have become more pet-friendly in recent years. Many pet-friendly hotels offer pet services at no additional charge, and many restaurants and other venues are pet-friendly as well.

Traveling with pets still presents some challenges, but for many travelers, experiencing a new destination with their furry friend is worth it.

According to the Vacation Confidence Index, 41% of travelers ages 18-34 and 36% of travelers ages 35-54 plan to travel with their pets this year.

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