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These are the top 4 UK destinations that US travelers love the most


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When it comes to Europe, there are plenty of options to visit, but Americans have great interest in the UK.

In addition to the advantage of the English language, this European region has amazing cities with multiple attractions and a rich culture that travelers enjoy exploring.

Birmingham canals with boats during sunsets

According to recent data shared by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)4.56 million US citizens visited the UK in 2022 leading the ranking as the most popular tourists and surpassing pre-pandemic levels.

The report also highlighted the destinations favored by foreign visitors in the past year and included trending destinations for Americans.

tourist taking a photo of edinburgh castle

These are the top 4 destinations in the UK:

1) London

London is still the star in the United Kingdom, but travelers are beginning to explore other destinations and tourism in this city is still not above pre-pandemic levels according to official information.

However, Americans adore this fascinating city. Walking around Buckingham Palace, admiring the stunning panoramic views from the London Eye, visiting amazing museums, seeing London Bridge in action, boating on the River Thames and taking a selfie by Big Ben remain on the bucket list. of US travelers when visiting the UK

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Panoramic aerial view of the London, England cityscape with Tower Bridge raised and a cruise ship passing below

With summer expected to be very busy this summer, travelers are opting for off-the-beaten-track activities in London, such as strolling through Little Venice, visiting Richmond, and picnicking on Primrose Hill.

2) Edinburgh

Yes, Americans are falling in love with Scotland and Edinburgh is taking center stage! According to recent data, 75% of US visitors include this city as their main destination when visiting this country.

And Edinburgh has a lot to offer! Many travelers are in awe of the impressive architecture and interesting history. Edinburgh Castle is just one example. Walking the fascinating Royal Mile and comparing the Old Town with the New Town are other ways to truly experience this city.

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There are also multiple festivals and unique experiences, like climbing Arthur’s Seat, that keep visitors wanting to come back. Big events are taking place here this summer, like the Edinburgh International Festival, and travelers have great opportunities to make amazing memories.

3) Manchester

This city is also the favorite destination of the locals. A new report revealed that the favorite destination for Europeans in 2023 is Manchester.

American travelers visiting Manchester this summer will be able to enjoy the city alongside the locals and make the most of its unique culture and atmosphere.

Crowded restaurants on the Shambles in Manchester, England

From music lovers to sports lovers to families, Manchester has great things to do for everyone.

Sports travelers often add the Etihad Stadium or Old Trafford to their must-see list. The home of European soccer in the UK has the best museums, bars, tours and experiences for soccer fans.

Music lovers try to catch concerts at the impressive O2 Ritz Manchester venue or Manchester Arena. This summer, the Manchester Jazz Festival and the Manchester International Festival are expected to offer the most extraordinary days for music lovers.

Manchester skyline at night

And, of course, all kinds of travelers can have a great time in this city with its special architecture, museums, parks, and charming neighborhoods.

4) Birmingham

Also in England, Birmingham has been gaining popularity among foreign visitors as it has wowed them with its amazing canals, historic buildings and modern structures.

birmingham has more miles of canals than Venice—no more canals, as has been falsely reported—built in the 1700s and 1800s, and now visitors can take a fun boat tour or just walk its trails and take in the beautiful views.

people enjoying a sunny day in the park

Its fascinating industrial history and spectacular museums can take travelers through important historical events and enrich the travel experience. There are also special attractions like a fun chocolate day at Cadbury World, one of the UK’s top family attractions.

After Birmingham, other cities such as Liverpool, Glasgow, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford and Brighton and Hove also made the top ten. While the majority of foreign travelers stay in England (82%), others also enjoy exploring Scotland and Wales on holiday.

Woman backpack taking photos with smartphone of Bath City UK, United Kingdom copy

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