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These are the top 7 countries for first-time solo female travelers


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There is nothing more exciting than traveling the world alone.

You can satisfy your every whim, travel to the destinations that best suit you and not have to worry about anyone else. No travel partner means no drama!

Traveling alone will give you a new perspective on the world. It’s a great way to grow your independence and confidence.

These are the top 7 countries for first-time solo female travelers

But if you’re new to the world of solo travel, it can also be overwhelming. Many first-time solo travelers will wonder if solo travel is safe. And the world is such a big place that choosing just one destination for the first time can be tricky.

To help you pick your first stop, here are the top 7 countries for first-time solo female travelers:


Japan often tops the charts as the safest country in the world, making it a great place to explore as a solo female traveler.

Woman with a map standing outside a Japanese temple

Spending time in Japan can seem otherworldly. Japanese culture is unlikely to be like anything you’ve experienced before. But Japan is a clean, safe, well managed and respectful country. Single women can walk both in big cities and small towns here without fear of harassment.

If you’re not used to traveling alone, you may feel self-conscious at first. But eating and traveling alone is very normal in Japan, which means you won’t stand out from the crowd. This makes it a great place to try solo travel for the first time.


Visiting a country with a shared language will make diving into the world of solo female travel much less daunting.

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A female hiker in Glendalough Ireland

Ireland is a welcoming and friendly country with a rich ancient and recent history. Many solo travelers head straight for Dublin and its bars, but Ireland has so much more to offer.

This is the perfect country for nature lovers looking to enjoy peaceful walks and breathtaking landscapes. And even if you’re traveling solo, you’ll never feel alone in Ireland. The warm and welcoming nature of the local people means you will feel right at home.


Historically, Spain is one of the most affordable tourist destinations in Western Europe and has a lot to offer solo female travelers.

Tourist walking down a cobbled street in Spain

It is a country with amazing infrastructure and has the longest high-speed rail network in Europe, and the locals are friendly and welcoming to foreign visitors. This means that getting around Spain is easy.

Spain has something for everyone: beautiful beaches, heritage sites, historic cities, and delicious food. Because Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world for tourism, it is a very easy place to be a tourist.

Spain is also one of the most open countries when it comes to attitudes towards women and a great place to meet other like-minded travelers if you’re looking for company.

New Zealand

The second country on this list where English is the most common spoken language, New Zealand is a beautiful and exciting country to visit as a solo traveler.

A female hiker in New Zealand

According to a survey by the Institute for Economics and Peace, New Zealand is the fourth safest country in the world. It is also the safest country in the world for backpackers, both men and women.

This makes New Zealand a safe and easy country to visit. There is much to explore and many like-minded people to meet along the way.


Iceland is a highly recommended country for female solo travelers, ranking first as the country with the best gender equality in the world.

Blue Lagoon pool in West Iceland

The standard of living in Iceland is high and the country’s crime and safety records are impeccable.

The locals here are incredibly friendly and welcoming to solo travelers, but perhaps Iceland’s biggest draw is its diverse and ever-changing landscapes. Iceland is a small but perfectly formed country and an excellent starting point for any solo female adventure.


Croatia is another country that makes it on this list because it is an incredibly easy country to navigate as a solo female traveler.

views of croatia

You can join the crowds and wander around Dubrovnik’s well-preserved Old Town and City Walls or go island hopping to get off the beaten path.

What makes traveling solo to Croatia so appealing is that it’s affordable and it’s easy to meet other travelers in hostels and bars across the country. There is also a wide range of group tours available in Croatia, so you just have to be alone when you want.


Singapore is consistently ranked as one of the most expensive countries in the world, so it’s not the best destination if you’re on a tight budget. But if you’re looking for the safest country in the world for female solo travelers, then there’s no better place.

Singapore has incredibly low crime rates, solo female tourists are treated with respect, and even street crime levels are low here.

With user-friendly infrastructure and an excellent public transport system, there is also plenty to see and do if you choose to visit Singapore.

Futuristic garden in Singapore, Southeast Asia

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