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This American airline offers unlimited flights for $299, but is it worth it?


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Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well maybe.

With flights this summer more expensive than in the last five years, an unlimited flight pass sounds like the golden ticket for affordable travel. However, like all travel deals, the devil is in the details.

Travelers should consider the strict conditions and limitations of the pass, along with their own flexibility and travel style, to determine if this pass is a good deal for their travel this year.

So how can you tell if this pass is worth it?

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What is it?

Frontier Airlines is offering its fall and winter season. »To get mad! All You Can Fly Pass” for only $299. From September 2, 2023 to February 29, 2024, pass holders can hop on as many flights as they like.

(The Summer Pass is also available for $499 while supplies last and remains valid through September 30, 2023.)

The number of flights can be unlimited, but there are definitely real limitations on this deal.

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So what’s the catch?

Here’s the kicker.

Passengers cannot book their flights until the day before for national trips, or ten days before for international trips.

This means that each trip is on a one-way ticket, with the uncertainty of whether you will get a seat on the return flight of your choice. Travelers may end up staying longer than planned if there are no seats available at home the day before their planned departure, which means spending extra budget on last-minute accommodations.

Even the most spontaneous and seasoned travelers would balk at the day-before-booking restriction. Less than 24 hours to plan a trip? On every trip?

That being said, last minute trips are definitely trends right now, so quite a few Americans could jump on board for Frontier’s flexibility-first promo. According to Hopper, 63% of hotel reservations in 2023 were made on the same day. Domestic travelers are also snagging flights with just 3 weeks to go before their trip on average.

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For anyone who wants to take advantage of this offer without having to fight to get to the airport the same day, there is an incredible loophole: the early access promotion.

Current pass holders who book by June 13 can reserve tickets well in advance for travel between September 5 and November 15. making the drop happen a lot to the less spontaneous travelers who purchase it in the next two weeks.

Blackout dates are also…well, plentiful. These removals hurt the most around Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, when blackout dates make holiday travel all but impossible.

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The Go Wild pass cannot be used for flights on:

  • June 29, 30
  • July 1-5, 8, 9
  • August 31
  • September 1, 4
  • October 5, 6 or 9
  • November 18, 22 or 24-27
  • December 16, 17, 22-24 or 26-31
  • January 1, 15
  • February 15, 16 or 19.

To make things a bit more complicated, seat reservations and baggage are not included. This could be a real drawback for travelers on longer flights or on extended trips. However, for weekend trips and short hops, it’s probably worth it.

Frontier offers trips to Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Guatemala and Costa Rica. However, many of these popular international routes run only once or twice a week.

It will probably be hard to find a free seat on one of these paradise-bound planes the day before departure with a Go Wild pass.

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When is this unlimited flight pass worth it?

Do you have a less flexible schedule, an in-person job, a penchant for oversized suitcases, or specific shortlisted destinations in mind for this year? Unfortunately, you’ll find it’s not worth the hoops you’d have to jump through to reach Frontier’s sticker price.

But even with its extreme terms and conditions, this unlimited flight pass is still an exceptional deal for:

  • Anyone who purchases and books fall travel before June 13
  • Uber-spontaneous travelers
  • Remote workers or digital nomads
  • Those who prefer to travel light
  • Flexible sun seekers who love Mexico and the Caribbean, but are comfortable keeping their trips within the continental US most of the time
  • Relaxed Frontier-Based Travelers departure cities
girl at the airport

Frontier’s All You Can Fly Pass at this deep discount has too much potential to pass up. However, travelers should think carefully about whether strict booking window conditions, blackout dates, unreliable return trips, and baggage restrictions best suit their own unique travel style.

traveler alert: Don’t forget travel insurance for your next trip!

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