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Top 5 African destinations that are trending among solo travelers right now


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Solo travel is in its moment and who can blame anyone for wanting to get away alone and enjoy new sights, cultures and surroundings?

While there is no shortage of ideal places for solo travelers to head for their alone time, some regions are a bit more popular than others.

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Europe seems to be a big draw, as does Latin America, however there are many other fantastic destinations around the world that are great for solo enjoyment.

Africa, for example, may at first glance seem too expensive, too remote, too tedious to organize, or whatever other hurdle solo travelers might worry about.

However, the reality is that many places on the vast continent of Africa offer a great place for a solo trip, no matter if you are looking for wildlife, culture or beaches.

Morne Brabant, Mauritius

A new study from Explore! Travel has found the top destinations around the world, which are experiencing a huge increase in interest in solo travel. This study analyzed Google searches from the last 2 years and found that these destinations had the highest increase for solo travel keywords, based on the last 24 months.

Note that these places are not necessarily the ones with the highest number of solo travel searches overall, but with the most increase in searches, which means they’re trending among travelers right now.

Here are the top 5 African destinations that are trending among solo travelers right now:

1. Mauritius, Indian Ocean

This idyllic island nation has seen a nearly 150% increase in Google solo travel searches in the last 12 months, with many hoping to come explore its beauty.

With lush green tropical forests and soft-sand beaches, you can choose from luxury resorts or budget accommodation, and taking local transport is a great way to see some sights and experience a local vibe.

Although previously considered a honeymoon destination, Mauritius is gaining more attention with a wider audience, and especially solo travelers, as it is considered a fairly safe destination.

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man surfing in Mauritius

2. Cape Town, South Africa

The capital city of South Africa has also seen a nearly 150% increase in Google solo travel searches in the last year and shows no signs of slowing down.

This vibrant city offers something for everyone, beaches, mountains, culture, fantastic wineries and more. Join a group tour if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, or head to the beach and watch for wildlife.

Safety in Cape Town is something to pay attention to and although the tourist areas are safe, it is recommended to walk alone at night and take other precautions.

Camps Bay beach before the twelve apostles in Cape Town, South Africa

3. Cairo, Egypt

Coming in at third on the list of trending African solo travel destinations is the Egyptian capital of Cairo, which saw a solo travel search increase of just over 100% in the last year.

Of course the main thing to do here is to see the Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx and the world class Egyptian Museum. Don’t forget to explore some lesser-known places with a guide and with proper safety precautions.

Travel man in hat stand background Egyptian pyramid sunset Giza Cairo, Egypt.

4. Seychelles, Indian Ocean

With a jump in solo travel searches, Seychelles is attracting more attention from travelers hoping to come tour this tropical paradise.

Many will tell you that this island nation can actually be quite affordable for solo travelers, as long as you plan ahead.

Most travelers stick to the three main islands of Mahe Island, Praslin Island, and La Digue Island, and relaxing on the beach and soaking up the island vibe is the best way to explore here.

Single sun-worshipping blonde with a beach to herself in the Seychelles

5. Nairobi, Kenya

Last on the list of the top five hot spots for solo travel in Africa is Nairobi, the bustling and beautiful capital city of Kenya. At first glance, Nairobi may seem a bit intimidating, but there is much to discover here and more than enough attractions to fill your time.

The best way to travel is to find a good taxi driver with an agreed rate and get his contact. Using the same controller when possible is always a good idea and can also help you establish local connections.

Of course, the Nairobi National Park is not to be missed, and neither is the Giraffe Centre, where you can get your own kiss from one of these gentle giants.

A female tourist hand-feeding a Rotschild's giraffe.

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