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Uber will launch in these European destinations this summer


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Traveling in some of the most popular European summer hotspots just got a little easier, thanks to the expansion of Uber in new markets.

In a bid to meet the increased traveler demand this record-breaking summer is likely to bring, the king of ride-sharing apps is upping its European game.

Uber car in European city

Uber is adding new products in popular vacation destinations to its summer 2023 lineup, including parts of Spain, Portugal, France, Croatia, Malta and Greece.

Uber’s expansion into many hot spots in Europe is sure to make traveling a lot easier for American travelers, especially those who probably already have an Uber account set up.

While some of the added countries already see Uber service in major cities, the new additions are mainly focused on seasonal hotspots where rideshare options are lacking.

Here’s what’s new for Uber in Europe this summer:

added services

In addition to the new locations, Uber has also rolled out some new features that make summer travel easier. Earlier this year, the company added options to make airport pickups less of a pain, but now it’s going a bit further by launching booking platforms for trains, buses, and Uber flights as well.

Uber is also adding a Seasonal Uber Booking option, allowing customers to pre-book their ride up to 90 minutes in advance with a locked-in price.

Uber boats in Greece

While London may already have the first Uber boats, it looks like the company is adding more to the rosters. Thames Clippers’ Uber Boat is already a popular service ferrying people from more than 20 docks in London, catering to tourists and commuters alike.

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Uber boat and clipper ferry, River Thames, Londo

Now more Uber Boats join the fleet, this time a little more expensive but much more luxurious. Travelers to the popular Greek islands of Mykonos will now be able to book private speedboats via the app, getting them from point A to B in style.

The boats will transport passengers on demand, all booked and paid for in the Uber app, reducing the need to haggle with local drivers, not to mention handling cash, two of the biggest hassles of any trip.

@popsugar We are in our age of chartered boats. 💅 Uber Boat launches in Mykonos on June 28, and yes, it’s as exciting an experience as it sounds. A ride is estimated to cost around $130 with no price gouging, which is actually more affordable (and convenient) than booking your own ride. They picked us up and dropped us off at Paraga Beach. Travelers can book speedboat trips for 4-8 people on the Uber app to transport themselves to and from different pick-up points in Mykonos. Tap the 🔗 in the bio to read all about it. @Uber #uber #Mykonos #UberBoat #Greece #TravelTok #Boats ♬ SNOOZE SZA INSTRUMENTAL GUITAR – Isa July

The islands of Spain, Italy and Malta

Spain is seeing Uber’s expansion into the trendy islands of Mallorca and Tenerife, two markets that have been notorious for taxi woes and transportation headaches. Which means exploring these two stunning Spanish islands will be a whole lot easier this summer.

The islands of Italy will also benefit from the Uber add-on this summer, with both Sicily and Sardinia welcoming the service, which has been on hiatus since last season. Malta is also welcoming Uber, helping people avoid the traffic the island can be famous for.

Uber taxi car inscription view

Croatia and Portugal

Another super popular country set to benefit from Uber services in this busy summer season is Croatia, with the app available in hotspots like Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Rijeka, and the island of Pag.

Another hot destination that is welcoming Uber onto its streets is Portugal’s Algarve coast, where the app will help people get from postcard-perfect seaside towns and villages to the nearest beaches more easily than ever before.



The French coast will see Uber pop-ups at seasonal hotspots, making traveling in these places much easier. Summer favorites like Bordeaux, Saint Jean de Luz and Biarritz will be added to the Uber network.

One thing to note is that Bordeaux will be the lucky recipient of Uber’s new premium product, « Uber Berline », which is available for booking sightseeing tours and trips to the famous vineyards in the region and beyond.

Uber driver with smartphone in the car.  Uber is an American company that offers online transportation services.  Illustrative editorial.  Antalya, Türkiye - December 21, 2020.

The way to follow?

With all of these added features, as well as the changes that Uber has already implemented, it’s safe to say that the commuter experience will be a lot smoother this summer. While there is no end to ride sharing apps available in various countries, using Uber in the past has sometimes gotten a bit tricky in some places.

Certain vacation hot spots have seen users try to navigate politics around the gig economy and local businesses, like in Cancun, but progress is being made to smooth relations with local taxi drivers and bus drivers. Uber, so hopefully all the problems are in the past, and these new changes are a step in the right direction for ridesharing around the world.

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