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United is launching new flights to these 4 Asian destinations


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Travelers are always looking for their next place to go, and United Airlines just made that decision easy.

With the announcement of new flights to 4 exciting Asian destinations, American travelers can stay with one of their favorite airlines for an incredible cultural trip abroad.

United has been busy this year adding new routes around the world. In fact, the mega-popular airline will be offering long-haul flights to 15 destinations across the Pacific this winter season.

taipei cityscape

His last major announcement was one for the record books as the largest South Pacific expansion in aviation history.

But United didn’t end up adding cool places like Australia and New Zealand. One of its new routes to Asia is also the first of its kind.

United’s historic new route to the Philippines

The Philippines is an amazing place to visit with crystal clear waters, beautiful islands, and a beautiful culture throughout the country.

island in the philippines

For American travelers who want to go, they would have to take a foreign airline, such as Philippine Airlines.

With the recent United news, that is no longer the case. United will fly direct from San Francisco to the capital city of Manila as of October 29, 2023.

This exciting new route makes it the first US airline to fly directly to Manila of the continental US. The new flight will take to the skies daily on a top-tier Boeing 777-300ER, the largest in United’s fleet.

Once it launches, it will be the only US airline to fly to the Philippines nonstop from the United States. As of now, there is no other news from other cities online to fly non-stop to Manila.

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cathedral in manila

However, it’s easy to get to San Francisco, so it’s a reasonable connection. Otherwise, the only other way to get to Manila via United is from Guam or Palau.

more flights To Asia From Los Angeles

There’s no stopping United from adding amazing places to visit this year! A direct flight to the Philippines would have been good enough, but they are also adding 3 closer destinations.

The first is the bustling city of Hong Kong. Like the new Manila route, United is the only US carrier to offer nonstop service to Hong Kong.

vibrant street in hong kong

There are already flights from San Francisco but there are no new additions. The new flights to be added will be from another major California city.

Beginning October 28, 2023the airline will increase service from Los Angeles to Hong Kong.

Daily flights will be offered on a modern Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. In total, United will offer 3 combined flights to Hong Kong from Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Another major Asian destination receiving more flights from the US is tokyo. Also, as of October 28, 2023another flight from Los Angeles will take off for the immaculate capital of Japan.

vibrant street in tokyo

This service will be offered every day on a luxury 787-10 Dreamliner. Not to be confused with United’s existing service to Tokyo, the new flights will go to its other main airport.

United currently flies to Tokyo/Haneda (HND) from Los Angeles. This route will continue, but the new flight will go to Tokyo/Narita (NRT) giving travelers the option to choose which airport is most convenient for them.

Increased service to Taipei

While not technically a new route as United already flies to Taipei, they are proud to announce new service to Taiwan’s shining star.

busy street in taipei

Beginning October 29, 2023United will add another flight to the only US city that offers nonstop service to Taipei.

San Francisco will now be home to two flights per day on a Boeing 777-200ER aircraft.

All new Asia routes are on sale at United’s official website and application

United’s 15 long-haul Pacific destinations

With United becoming an international powerhouse this year, they now fly to 15 long-haul trans-Pacific destinations.

plane united in los angeles

They are:

  • christchurch
  • auckland
  • brisbane
  • sydney
  • melbourne
  • Hong Kong
  • Manila
  • Taipei
  • seoul
  • osaka
  • Tokyo (NRT)
  • Tokyo (HND)
  • Beijing
  • Carry off
  • Singapore

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