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US issues travel advisory update for these 3 Asian destinations


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Asia is filled with so many amazing destinations that it’s hard to pick one when looking for a vacation on this side of the world.

Many opt for the cultural haven of Thailand, while some go further off the grid, like Vietnam. Wherever you decide to go in Asia, you really can’t go wrong.

Regardless of where you book your trip, it is always important to have an advisory regarding security issues at that particular location.

In this case, the US Department of State has just issued travel advisory updates for 3 separate destinations in Asia.

tourist woman in hong kong

Here’s what travelers need to know:

Hong Kong: Level 2 – Exercise Greater Caution

Hong Kong has been making headlines of late by coming up with creative ways to once again become a powerhouse in the tourism industry.

After implementing very strict COVID rules they have relaxed and want to invite the whole world to see what an amazing place it is.

hong kong port

If you have plans to book travel to Hong Kong any time soon, travelers should know that the Department of State has issued a Level 2 travel advisory.

This all means being more aware of certain scenarios when visiting. In particular, Hong Kong it’s not recognize dual citizenship.

Lately there have been political demonstrations in which arrests have been made. Those who are of Chinese and American descent may be subject to further questioning and even detention.

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woman looking at hong kong skyline

The Hong Kong SAR government does not take kindly to outsiders who participate in these demonstrations. Is better stay away from large gatherings building up in the streets.

Some important tips to stay safe in Hong Kong:

  • keep a low profile
  • Do not take pictures of demonstrations or police offers.
  • If you are detained, ask to contact the US Consulate.

Macau: Level 3 – Reconsider traveling

Macau has become more than just its reputation as a gaming hub, as it is one of the most popular destinations in Asia right now.

streets of macau at night

However, with the recent notice from the Department of State, it is recommended reconsider traveling to Macau.

Some of the reasons behind the latest update are arbitrary execution of its laws, as well as the The US’s inability to provide certain consular services to the needed.

Like Hong Kong, Macao does not recognize dual nationality. It is important that those of multinational descent be more vigilant about their whereabouts to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

There have also been rallies in Macau, so it’s best to avoid them if you’re in the area.

macau skyline at night

Some important tips to stay safe in Macau:

Mainland China: Level 3: Reconsider Travel

Needless to say, China has been a hot topic in the news for over 3 years in a row. Without going over the details that we’ve all been aware of in recent years, it’s unfortunate that all the talk about China ignores some truly amazing destinations in this huge country.

great wall of china and rolling green hills

One important reason is that China has not received tourists for quite some time. Although, they have relaxed in some entry restrictions.

For those who decide to travel to China, the State Department is concerned about unfair arrests and arbitrary application of its laws.

Detained individuals may not have access to US assistance services and may not even be informed of their alleged crime.

Another key concern is potential « exit bans, » in which the US would have a restricted ability to assist US citizens faced with forceful tactics while unable to leave.

traditional buildings in chengdu china

The US also cautions against speaking negatively of the country on any social media platform or through any message on your computer or phone. Searches of your person and belongings may occur at random.

Those of Chinese or American descent should be more vigilant about their actions, as they may also become a target, just like in Macao and Hong Kong.

Some important tips to stay safe in China:

  • Do not use drugs before or after you arrive, as it can result in immediate arrest, stiff fines, or deportation.
  • Avoid demos
  • enroll in PASSED

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