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Why are Americans flocking to this Middle Eastern country in record numbers?


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American travelers continue to contribute to the travel industry’s epic comeback this year as they seek to create new memories in exciting places.

A Middle Eastern country is experiencing a record number of American tourists this year, even compared to pre-pandemic statistics.

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The number of visitors has increased as much as 27 percent starting last month, with most tourists coming from the United States. And that’s also not taking into account the growing cruise industry.

But who can blame tourists for wanting to see such a beautiful and historic country? if you are thinking of Israelthen you would be right!

Here it is Why has Israel become so popular with American travelers?:

Religious Purposes

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Israel is, and always will be, known as a very important site for religious followers. But since Israel is on the other side of the world, not everyone can set aside their day-to-day life to visit.

That’s just one of the many reasons why Israel is a bucket-list destination. Considering that Israel was closed for years as one of the most closed countries during the pandemic, travelers who wanted to travel here during that time had to wait.

Once Israel began to slowly reopen, there were very strict vaccination requirements. Now that they are fully open to tourism, travelers are checking their wish lists.

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“Between March 2020 and May 2022 our country was closed to incoming tourism. As we reopen and people are traveling in droves, we expect 2023 to be a banner year for Israel, especially North America. »

– Eyal Carlin, North American Commissioner of Tourism

Now, popular cities like Belen, Nazareth and Jerusalem they are thriving Both cities give visitors a sense of closeness to their religion, as they are home to important sacred and ancient sites.

Even if you are not a religious traveler, immersing yourself in the rich culture of Israel and learning about its history can be a fascinating experience.

Tel Aviv is exciting

Situated on the Mediterranean coast of Israel is the immaculate city of Tel Aviv. It has been an underrated gem, but the secret has already been discovered.

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American travelers have found the next « it » destination and are falling in love with beautiful beaches that rival their Mediterranean counterparts.

There are interesting museums to explore and many markets to get a taste of Israeli life. Perhaps the most beautiful part of all is the welcoming nature of their culture.

Israel is home to a population with a mix of religions, but everyone goes about their business without judgment.

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LGBTQ+ travelers have the time of their lives in Tel Aviv with a lively nightlife where everyone is treated as equal.

Wine lover’s paradise

Places that were previously unknown in Israel are becoming more popular. Take the Negev Desert Wine Route, for example.

One might ask, why go to the middle of a seemingly endless desert when you can spend the day on a beautiful beach? Who says you can’t do both?

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This hidden gem is a wine lover’s dream. Israel may not be at the top of your list when premium wine comes to mind, but it should be.

Other European destinations, such as France, Greece, and Spain, may have more notoriety for their winemaking, but Israel is no joke as a vastly underrated destination for wine enthusiasts.

Negev desert tours are picking up steam and helping Israel make a name for itself in the wine game.

Unique experiences

Israel may be known primarily for its ancient sites, but there are some truly unique experiences as well.

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Travelers have discovered the Israeli version of glamping. Just like in neighboring Jordan, travelers can spend a night or two under the stars in style at a Bedouin camp for the ultimate sleepover.

If that’s not your thing, how about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to scuba dive to see underwater archeological sites?

Divers can experience a underwater national park in Caesarea, an ancient port city, with relics of more than 2,000 years.

If going underwater isn’t your style, then maybe floating is more your idea of ​​fun. Travelers love to come to Israel to experience the feeling of weightlessness in the beautiful Dead Sea.

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