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Why Norway Is Exploding In Popularity With Solo Travelers


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Traveling solo is one of the biggest trends on the post-pandemic scene.

Now that the borders have been lifted and the world has recovered from the health crisis, everyone seems to have caught the travel bug, making plans to travel abroad even when unaccompanied.

A woman raising her arms as she stands on the tip of a lookout overlooking a fjord in Norway, Scandinavia, Northern Europe

However, not all countries are ideal for solo travelers, either due to security concerns affecting tourists or simply poor infrastructure, so careful planning ahead is recommended. Fortunately for risk-averse explorers, some destinations are made be challenged alone.

One Nordic country, in particular, is enjoying a new peak in popularity right now, and like a lone wolf hopping from country to country in the world, you might want to join the ongoing travel frenzy… starting here:

The mighty Norway

Panoramic view of a fjord in Norway, Scandinavia, Northern Europe

As Forbes has reported, ‘nearly 20% of travelers have gone solo’ this year, a number that has continued to rise year-over-year as travelers become more independent and adventurous. Interestingly, the ‘Scandi’ nation of Norway is ahead of this trendnext to Switzerland.

Since reopening its borders in early 2022, after months of turning away foreign visitors as a result of overly strict pandemic rules, Norway has experienced a tourism boom, particularly among young solo travelers, due to its high levels of security and powerful nature.

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Aerial view of Reine, a village on the Lofoten Islands of Norway, Scandinavia, Northern Europe

It is the main entry point to the Nordic region of Europe for many travelers and, as one of the cleanest countries on the planet, it is not surprising that it ranks at the top of the wish lists of many nature seekers looking to get away from their fast-paced American life for a few days.

What makes Norway great?

Beautiful nature

Home to a unique geography, comprising long, winding fjords, vast tracts of boreal forests populated by an abundance of pine and fir trees and all manner of creatures from the northern reaches of the world, and a rugged and spectacular coastline, it is nothing short of captivating.

woman in norway

The fjords are some of Norway’s highest-rated attractions, attributed to Viking explorations of the early Middle Ages and making up some of the country’s most impressive natural offerings, Geirangerfjord being a prime example of this.

Blue inlet that stretches for 15 km and is bounded by snow-capped peaks. a symbol of norway and its powerful nature, which also includes impressive mountain ranges, crystal clear lakes and a spectacular rugged coastline that stretches towards the Arctic Circle.

Norway is accessible

Although the natural attractions are quite remote from each other, there are trains, road links, flight paths and ferry services connecting all of Norway’s main points of interest, making it an incredibly accessible country for solo travelers exploring the heart of Scandinavia without the help of tour operators.

Panoramic tram route in Bergen, Norway

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, as most solo backpackers tend to be, then you’ll love this place.

Norway has a wide range of options for nature lovers: hiking, kayaking, biking trails, forest trails and much more, and with excellent public transport and infrastructure throughout the country, it’s unlikely you’ll have a hard time checking all those items off your bucket list.

Regardless of where you’re based, whether it’s the bustling capital city of Oslo or smaller cities on Norway’s west coast such as Bergen or Stavanger, you are never far from an untouched nature reserveto fjordor majestic peaks to reach, commanding sweeping panoramas of the picturesque landscape.

Colorful houses in Bergen, Norway on a sunny day
One of the safest countries in the world

It is one of the only countries in Europe to appear on the US State Department’s ‘Tier 1’ list of destinations. In simpler terms, Norway is as safe as it can bewith very crime rates low, if not negligible, even in larger urban centers like the capital Oslo.

In Scandinavia, a collective of three nations (Norway, Sweden and Denmark), which can sometimes also include Finland, Norway has the lower incidence of deadly violence outside the group, as well as a decreasing rate of criminal offenses in general, exceeding that of many European countries, and certainly that of the US.

Houses in Norway, Scandinavia, Location not specified, Northern Europe

When traveling in Norway, solo adventurers generally have no concerns about their own personal safety or the safety of their belongings.

While you are still strongly advised to let your guard down, you don’t want to leave your bags unattended at a busy train station. anywhere in the world: the chances of having an item stolen or of being the victim of a petty crime are remarkably low.

Cultural wealth
Borgund Stave Church in Vestland County, Norway, Scandinavia, Northern Europe

Finally, there’s Norway’s unrivaled cultural heritage, from well-preserved Viking ships housed in award-winning museums to 12th-century stave churches.

The iconic Borgund Stave Church in Norway’s Vestland County houses the last survivor wood-free bell tower.

North of the Arctic Circle, visitors can marvel at the landmark Northern Lights Cathedralgleaming white against the northern backdrop of the picturesque city of Alta, and the equally fascinating Arctic Cathedral of Tromso.

Northern lights cathedral in Alta, Norway, with the northern lights in the background, Scandinavia

This Scandinavian gem is one of your best bets for an epic adventure this summer, especially if you’ve never taken a solo trip before, and lucky for you, these newly launched non-stop transatlantic routes will help you get there in no time.

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