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Why now is the best time to visit Walt Disney World in nearly a decade


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Walt Disney World is one of the most iconic theme parks in the world. It plays a role in drawing large numbers of visitors to Florida, with more than 137.6 million visitors heading to the state in 2022.

For some people, a trip to Walt Disney World is an annual vacation, while for others it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And of course, some people have no interest in visiting a Disney park!

But if you want to go on a date with Mickey Mouse and his friends and have been waiting for the right time to book your trip to Walt Disney World, now might be the perfect time.

Here’s why now is the best time to visit Walt Disney World in nearly a decade:

Why now is the best time to visit Walt Disney World in nearly a decade

surprisingly low crowd

According to Walt Disney World Park tour plan attendance analysisOrlando theme park is experiencing « surprisingly low crowds » this summer.

Summer is usually a busy and crowded time at Walt Disney World, but not this year. The best example of how quiet the park is right now is looking at a weekend that would normally be packed to near capacity.

July 4thhe It’s usually one of the busiest days at the Disney parks, but this year the crowds even out on the 4th of July.he weekend they were almost non-existent. Crowd levels were similar to what you’d typically find at the park in the off-season of early May or mid-September.

Toy Story Walt Disney World roller coaster

Walt Disney World parks experienced their 4 slowesthe of the July weekend in a decade. And crowd levels haven’t increased since.

What does that mean for visitors?

So what does this mean if you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World? It means there has never been a better time to book your visit!

Crowds and lines are the two worst things about a day at a Disney park. And it’s very rare to spend time in parks without falling victim to both!

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A bunch of balloons at Walt Disney World

So, if you can handle the heat and humidity, then it’s the perfect time to head to Florida to see the famous Disney parades without having your view blocked by multiple rows of other people’s heads. And ride those iconic rides without having to wait hours for the privilege.

Low waiting times

Wait times at all four Walt Disney World parks are lower than they have been for years.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in a parade car at Walt Disney World

The average wait for a ride at the Magic Kingdom on July 4, 2023 was just 27 minutes. July 4he 2019 that average wait time was 47 minutes. But this was not the biggest drop in travel times.

Animal Kingdom saw average travel times of 25 minutes this year compared to the year before.

If you were spending the day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park, then the average same-day wait time in 2023 was just 18 minutes. By contrast, in 2019 you would have waited 44 minutes to get on a ride in that park.

Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World.

These low travel times for Hollywood Studios Park are impressive and unprecedented. Ever since the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge area and associated attractions opened at this park, ride times and crowd levels have historically been hectic.

Low crowd levels

The obvious reason for such low travel times is the low level of crowds.

Crowd levels at Disney parks are rated on a scale of 0 to 10. Between June 27 and July 3, these levels ranged from lows of 2 to highs of 6. These are surprisingly low crowd levels for the time of year.

A quiet driveway to Walt Disney World

And these low crowd levels are anticipated to continue. We do not expect to see an increase in crowd levels over the summer.

Predicting crowd levels for the rest of the summer, Touring Plans stated: “Let’s be real. yes this weekend [July 4th] It didn’t turn the crowds at Walt Disney World…the crowds aren’t going to change.”

All signs point to these lower crowd levels continuing for the short and long term.

Exterior architecture and decoration design in the famous theme park 'WALT DISNEY WORLD' located in Orlando- FL, USA.

A trip to Walt Disney World isn’t cheap, and ticket prices have only risen in recent years. This may explain why the number of visitors has decreased considerably.

But if you don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks and want to take advantage of low crowd levels and short travel times, now is the best time to visit Walt Disney World in nearly a decade.

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